Zombie Smasher: Tap ‘Em to Kill ‘Em!

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On February 1, 2013
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No bullets, just hardcore smashing! Kill the zombies before they reach your heart!

Think that zombies are being pushed out of the popular circle? Think again! The rise of series, movies, and mobile applications focusing on worldwide annihilation through a super strain of rabies or some sort of air-borne virus has pushed developers to make their own quirky apps starring the well-celebrated antagonists. May it be cute and aggressive garden plants or bad-ass artillery that’s in the front line of the brain war, the flesh-eating somnambulists almost always, never prevail. But it all depends on the game play and the elements available to kill them. Would you mind destroying them using your hand? What if, your fingers?

Sound ridiculous? Maybe. But here’s an app called that’ll put your tapping skills to the test! Read more of this Android app review for some additional tips on squishing dead people.

Personally, gunning down the walking cadavers is yet to become boring. Seeing them tumble down to their last and final death—hopefully—is the main goal if you’re like me who’s more into the gore side of the story. But as for those who look more into the fun and excitement of game plays rather than the whole idea behind it, here’s a casual gaming app that can get you screaming out of sheer helplessness.

is a multi-leveled application created by Italy Games. The gist is to tap on the zombies that will appear on your screen to kill them and prevent them from getting your heart (you have three lives per level). There are three modes of game play namely: Story Mode, Survival Mode, and Time Mode wherein you’ll get to encounter seven types of zombies. The application is free and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store.

Story Mode

In this game mode, players must kill all the zombies on the run and not miss 3 of them. There are 60 levels to accomplish with each, much harder than the previous one. Surprisingly, there are civilians that will appear but don’t hit them as it will end your tapping streak. Judging from the meter on the left corner of the screen, you can see when a level is about to close. Just make sure that before the zombies step on the grounds after the “stop” sign, you have killed them. Because if they pass through, there’s no killing them anymore. All levels are re-playable.

Survival Mode

The zombies will come waves by waves without any cut-scenes! Kinda like an endless runner. The only rule is again, not miss 3 zombies or tap on a civilian. See how many can you kill! This game mode will only be available after a player finished the Story Mode’s 5th level.

Time Mode

For 90 seconds, kill as many zombies as you can while getting the clocks that the zombies will be dropping. Each clock can give you additional 10 seconds of tapping time so be wary of them. Again, this can only be opened if a player passed through the 5th level of the Story Mode.

Power ups and brains

There are bombs, lighting bolts, and slices of meat to help you kill the zombies if you feel like your fingers just won’t do. By dragging the bomb to where you want to detonate it, you can kill a wave of zombies, while the lightning bolt can turn one horizontal line of zombies to dust. The meat, on the other hand, will only distract them for three seconds, giving you enough time to focus on killing the others.

Brains will serve as your money in the game. The more you get, the more items you can buy in the in-app store.

End Note

Take note that this game can get pretty hardcore especially when the zombies are arriving fast and by the dozen. Not to mention the various abilities that some of them can exhibit like travelling underground after a couple of seconds, running diagonally, running out of the blue, and even teleporting. Top it off with a sound scoring that’s thick and engaging, I’m sure you’ll find yourself screaming and burning with adrenaline rush as you try to protect your base.

Do download Zombie Smasher now for your Android devices since it’s for free and it’s really far from boring. Here’s a tip: place your phone atop a table then play the game. Holding on to it may prove to be fatal to your beloved device. *wink*


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