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Chat and Draw with SquibbleBox!

In this day and age where you can simply connect to a free restaurant wifi or even pocket in your router, more and more smartphone users are relying on technology to send out messages either through their social media accounts or free chat services via a mobile application like Viber. Consequently, spending money on text messaging suddenly became too extravagant and people are resorting to using the internet to talk to their friends. It has more perks, obviously, starting with the fact that it’s free!

Want another app that you can fool around together with your friends even though your miles apart? Then look into this Android app review of SquibbleBox, the go-to chat application of creative people!

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App Review: Solitaire World Free

To play solitaire means one would be playing on their own with only the deck of cards as their adversary. Whether you’re playing on your desktop or with a tangible deck, games under the solitaire title requires a player’s focus and intent to win. But it’s always been a game of luck, so if the heavens aren’t with you, then dust it off and try again. Though I enjoy playing the four-decked solitaire on my computer when a boring afternoon calls for it, firing up the mean machine sometimes is too tedious and distracting. Good thing there’s Solitaire World Free I can now play on my Android phone!

Get to know more about this 8-in-1 application after the cut!

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Ababab Sliding Puzzle: Align the tiles

Through the years and constant fails, I have come to terms that solving a Rubik’s Cube is not a fair game for me. Apparently, there’s only so much brain twisting madness that I could tolerate and though there are “cheats” on finishing that wicked of a cube, my mind almost always dozes off attempting to learn the trick. And as I continuously pull out halfhearted efforts on achieving success with a Rubik’s Cube, I might as well practice with an app that sorta has the same mechanics.

Oh yes, people, here’s another brain teasing Android app that will get your mind juice up and running! Tagged as Ababab Sliding Puzzle, this simple game can test how you can bring to a harmonious row a mix and mash of pictures.

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EnviroPop: An App That Saves Marine Lives

The depressing state of our marine wildlife provides an avenue for environmental organizations and concerned individuals to push their advocacy for conservation to up a notch. From fund raising fun runs and even dire calls for donations, international groups are keeping themselves busy as they take on one goal: the betterment of Mother Earth by restoring the balance of nature. And how can we acquire the world’s composure if we don’t even have the slightest sense to cooperate? If you’re not up for a mile run or your pocket can only cough up a few dollars, worry not, because you can still collaborate even through meager ways and in the comfort of your own sofa!

For tile-matching puzzle addicts with good hearts, this application brought to us by the blue-ribbon partnership of the World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines (WWF) and app innovator, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. called EnviroPop, will give a chance for app-mongers to virtually and literally save the lives of various underwater creatures through tapping and swiping! Check out what the app has in store after the cut.

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Twosome: App for lovers

As the international day of celebrating romantic love is drawing near, couples are being wound up together by the increased oxytocin in the air. One thing’s for sure, the pressure is on for the love bugs! There’s just too many an idea of what you can muster up for your special someone on that much-awaited day, but sometimes, it’s not the flowers and the chocolates that turns their spine into jelly. Most often than not, the simple reminder that you’re thinking of them is enough reason for their incessant fits of hysterical infatuation.

But wait, a little bird told me that there’s an application that can do exactly that. You know, send out love-filled messages via a couple app—because text messaging is so overrated! Kidding aside, let me introduce to you this app called Twosome. Cute, eh? Know how you can possibly turn yourself into a giant cheese ball by reading the rest of this app review after the cut.

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Easy A-B-Cs with Bubbo Pop!

Children in their early years are receptive to what their superiors (i.e parents, teachers, and siblings) are offering them. From simple gestures, habits, and even way of thinking, they can easily adapt and make the influence of others as their own. The same thing goes for educating them. Just like everybody else, repetition makes everything seem easier and it can also enhance one’s comprehension by creating patterns of what they see. Remembering the days when my mother cuddles up to me every single night, a booklet in hand, teaching me the alphabet in my own phase, I now see the essence of her continuous effort to make everything park in my brain. It was effective, though. Because I became a bookworm, then.

Since toddlers of today would prefer browsing through a smart phone rather than a book, then it might be better to teach them through an application instead! With this compelling application called Bubbo Pop, kids will have a tighter grasp on the alphabet in a jiffy! Take a look at this iOS app review to learn more about this “kiducational” software!

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Sheep Dog Pro: A taste of the countryside

For a dose of tranquility and calm surrender, there’s no question about getting exactly that when you’re out on the country side. With the sound of nature turning into a sleepy lullaby, people in the suburbs usually are the happy ones–well, unless you get to harass yourself daily with the thought of grouping together your notorious herd of sheep. Getting in touch with your inner herder self alongside your trusty canine is far easier than before with the help of an Android application! In the comfort and safety of your own home, you can now successfully lead a couple of disorderly sheep to their plot.

Read more of this Android app review of after the cut.

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Monster Stack 2: Don’t Let Them Go Hungry

What do monsters eat for dinner? Shame on you if you still think that they’re out to gobble your feet while you’re sleeping. We’re already too old to believe that monsters thrive under our beds, lurking and waiting for the right moment to attack. Because truth be told, they’d rather chow down a scrumptious chicken leg or a steak. You’ve probably watched one too many Disney movies concerning the humanitarian aspects of monsters so it’s just about time to let go of your childish fears and aid the fluffly-looking monsters reach their food with this app called Monster Stack 2 instead!

Unleash your charitable spirit as you play this physics-based game that is basically a brick game with a freakish twist. Read more of this Android and iOS app review right after the jump.

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Star-blasting with Asterism!

Taking hold of another inter-galactic application called Asterism, I was pushed back to nostalgia. Remembering times where games are simple yet provides no room for boredom. Talk about the brick game! The influx of intricate mobile software that obviously refurbished the age-old games we grew up with became a gateway for people to higher their standards regarding applications. Not that it’s wrong, I just feel like they’re missing out on the real essence of gaming: using your brain. So it’s great to have this new application called Asterism that makes use of a retro game play and even design.

With simple instructions and a user-interface that looks like it’s from yesteryear, people will be taken up to the galaxy through this exciting physics game! Read more of this Android app review to know more about Asterism.

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Color Fusion: Match the colors

Brain-bending puzzles need not have complex rules. It’s better to have the players scratch their heads off because of a frustrating challenge rather than have them breeze through simple puzzles once they’ve caught up with the whole gist. Not naming any apps, but there’s this particular game I’ve been playing for months. It’s a great stress-reliever and at the same time, your logic will still be exercised. But after a couple of days or weeks of play, it became too easy. A characteristic that I doubt Color Fusion will adapt in the long run.

Fond of testing your skills when it comes to mind teasers? Then grab your Android devices and let your brain do cartwheels trying to figure out Color Fusion!

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