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Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run: Run with Style

Endless running games are and will always be a sure hit to all app lovers! I guess Temple Run I and 2, Temple Run Brave, Subway Surfer, and Chasing Yello are just some of the apps that can attest to the magical influence that these running games have brought to the application industry. (Know more about the Endless Runner Craze games here.) Well, we can never defy anyway the ultimate fun and addicting gameplay that they continuously bring to the lives of our dear gamers so I bet running inspired games will continue to flourish for more years.

And speaking of games, here’s another endless running inspired application that will definitely invade your iOS devices in no time. Applatter readers, say hello to Jenny Rabbit – Egg Run.

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iOS App Review: Animals Babies and Homes

One interesting chapter in a kid’s life is his instant inquisitiveness with the things that surround him. No matter how big or small an object is, or how serious or funny his question is, or if the idea he presented is real or superficial, a curious mind can never be stopped. Agree? I’ve been there or rather we’ve all been there so I think it’s no longer an issue if kids do act like that—naughty and full of queries.

On the bright side, I guess we should be happy that kids do ask us things even though they can’t fully comprehend it yet that much. From what I see it, I feel like it’s healthy because it only shows that they are eager to learn and expand their horizons, even at a very young age. Teaching them with educational stuff is way better than just letting them waste their time watching cartoons or playing video games, right?

Speaking of curiosity, one of the most asked questions by our dear young fellows refers to the wide species of the animal kingdom. Have you been in a situation wherein your kiddo suddenly asked you the query, “Where do animals live, Mom?” or “Do animals have kids too, Dad?”. Well, whether you have been there already or are having this eerie feeling that one of these days your child will pop those questions, then this is your lucky day. With Gil Weiss’s newest application, your little one’s queries will be easily answered. How? Through the use of the app. *Wink!*

Continue reading this iOS app review to get more details on this must-try iOS app.
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iOS App Review: iTooch Elementary Christmas Edition

It’s Christmas! Yay! And aside from Santa Claus, presents, bonuses, 13th month pay, carols, and other tangible things related to this most-celebrated season, Christmas also means holidays and vacations! Agree? I love vacations. Who wouldn’t like it? I certainly believe that both young and adults look forward to this annual event.

During this Christmas season, it’s a reality that kids result to just hanging out with friends, playing computer games, or just boring themselves to sleep and eat the whole day. Admit it, you once did the same when you were still a kid. I think it’s just normal especially with kids since they get to do the stuff they really like during their no school days or vacations, like the Christmas season that is. And for moms and dads out there who would like their children to do something productive during these times are usually failures, if I may say. It’s natural, on vacations it’s really hard to encourage your kiddos to study their lessons, do household chores, or behave well since for them these days are their freedom days. Well, here’s a confession: I can attest to that because I’ve been like that when I was still younger. Oooppss!

But wait! If you are really itching to make your kids study their lessons without compromising their time for entertainment, today is your lucky day! (Aside from the fact that it’s not yet the end of the world—My apologies, I just want to say it.) As your Ms. Santa let me present to you my early Christmas present, my newfound app that is definitely worth of your and your children’s time. Who knows, this could be the mighty tool that you need to make them spend their time or vacation wisely. Without further ado, let me introduce to you .

Read the rest of this iOS app review to learn more fascinating facts about iTooch.

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Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps: Easy, Safe, and Helpful

Kids nowadays are getting addicted with the gadgets available in the market. I bet you had an experience already wherein your kids or younger siblings begged for you to let them play with your mobile phone or tablet. And because you love them, you wholeheartedly gave in and allowed them to browse the apps on your device. After a while, voila! Hello to missing apps, deleted messages, and unexpected bills. That hurts, right?

Great news! Your dilemma is no longer an issue now. Let me present to you Famigo Sandbox – Kid Lock & Family Apps, the app that will protect your phone or tablet, files, and bills from those unguarded situations.

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iOS App Review: Scriptus – quick and easy note-taking

Got something to say? Are you the type of person who is better with written notes rather than talking or giving speeches? Are you also one of those people who just can’t seem to stop themselves from jotting down their ideas, creating stories, and portraying a good student image by scribbling down the lessons? Well, regardless of who you are or whatever your mission may be this is your lucky day. If you are looking for an app that will help you solve your troubles in note-taking, then I suggest you continue reading this iOS app review. Let’s play with words and say your thoughts through Scriptus.

is the perfect app for all note-takers or simply for those people who like writing notes. Scriptus is a productivity application that lets you take quick and beautiful notes easily. Developed by Paulo Freitas, this iOS app is a specifically designed for all people who are keen in putting their thoughts and ideas into words. Ideally because of modern technology instead of bringing notebooks and pens, all you have to do now is to download the Scriptus app. With Scriptus, you can finally bid goodbye to the traditional pen and paper style of note-taking and say hello to computerized written notes using your handy dandy iPad.

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Here Comes The Creeps!

Get ready for The Creeps! No, I’m not talking about a rock band or some famous artist that you know. The Creeps! is a casual game application specially designed for iOS devices. Developed by Super Squawk Software LLC, this addicting game showcases some eerie and strange creatures who act as your enemies. The Creeps!, with over 3 million downloads already, falls under the tower defense inspired applications.

is a fun and challenging game. Period. The app lets you battle with ghosts, zombies, aliens, dinosaurs, evil animated creatures, and a lot more. This is a tower defense and strategy based app in one as you need to protect the “safe place”, which is the bed, and put the right defenses to defeat the monsters that will come your way. Read more

Welcome to Bubble Island!

After Bubble Bust!, here’s another bubble shooting game that unsurprisingly caught my attention. If you have been reading my reviews here in Applatter or the Bubble Bust! review for that matter, you already know that I am sort of addicted or attracted to this kind of game. Aside from its not so mind-boggling gameplay, I guess the enchanting colors and graphics are some factors why I am a little gaga over them. Anyway, for today’s iOS app review I’m going to introduce to you another classic arcade game that will soon invade your iOS devices. Without further ado, let me present to you .

Bubble Island is an addicting arcade game developed by Wooga. Played by over 60 million people worldwide, this bubble shooting app will lead you into a wonderful island where you will be meeting a new pal, the lovable raccoon. This adorable animated raccoon will help you in popping and dropping a number of colorful bubbles in order to finish the levels. When you play this game, expect to witness a 60-second round of awesome, fast-paced, and nerve-racking bubble shooting action.

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Who Wants Some ‘Momma’s Pizza’?

Pizza, anyone? Are you craving for some garlic, mushroom, and pepperoni pizzas?  Well, don’t just sit there and wait for some miracles. Dial that number this instant or better yet run to the nearest pizza store and treat yourself with this sumptuous meal. On the flip side, if you can’t afford to have one right now, then I suggest you just suit yourself with this pizza restaurant-inspired application and make your own pizzas in just a few taps. Go on, feed your eyes with this thrilling game app.

Momma’s Pizza is one of’s game applications. It allows you to be an instant pizza store owner and gives you the chance to lead your staff in serving your customers. To play this game, all you have to do is to serve delicious pizzas at the fastest possible time. There are target goals for each level that you will need to meet in order to advance to the next ‘day’ or level. The more orders you are able to serve to your hungry customers, the more chances of winning or profit you can get.

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Flow Free: Let It Flow!

I think it’s safe to say that most of us love playing games. Why? Probably because it’s entertaining and fulfilling to do at the same time. In fact, here in Applatter we have already presented a lot of incredible apps that have truly captured our attention and interest, which we thought you’ll love likewise. Well, are you hungry for more? Then, let me introduce to you another game that you should try as well. For those who love solving puzzles, this one is definitely for you!

For and users.

Developed by Big Duck Games LLC, Flow Free is a simple casual game application that will surely blow your mind away. To play this addicting game, all you have to do is to connect or match the corresponding colors with a pipe to create a continuous flow. The goal of the game is to pair all the colors and cover the entire board with connecting pipes. Keep in mind, though, that overlapping colors is not allowed as it will break the pipes.

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Apps to “GO”: Let’s Get it On!

Without further ado, I’m going to introduce today some interesting apps from the GO Launcher Dev Team. *Ready, Set, GO!*

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