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Sprint Far with Ham on the Run

Applatter already gave you the Top 5 Porky-licious Apps. And it looks like a pig with a brave heart wants to be included in the roster of porky-licious apps. If you’ve experienced the ride of your life with Jetpack Joyride and all the other endless running game, then you’d probably love a pig to do the trick. However, this little creature doesn’t just run for he flies in a carpet and even rides a bad-ass ride. How cool is that?

If you’ve had enough of the cursed idols running for their lives, then allow me to introduce to you Ham, a pig who’s always on the run. Set in a country carnival, this hog loves to terrorize chickens. Yes, you heard it right. Join his endless running adventure to see what it has to offer to all the casual game players out there.

Ready now? Indulge in this gleeful game after the break. Oink, oink.

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Temple Run 2: Relive the Exhilarating Experience!

Get your running shoes ready and speed your way out again as the uber-popular infinite running game is back!

Imangi Studios, LLC has released the sequel to the much-anticipated return of the obscenely famous endless running game that redefined the mobile gaming experience  of the tech junkies. As a pioneer of the famous, most in-demand concept, is an improved gaming application offering a bevy of exciting features including gorgeous new environments, additional power-ups, a new suite of achievements, and a bigger monkey!

With over 170 million downloads from its first installment app, the said sequel is ready to, once again, conquer the iOS devices. Hail the King of all the endless running games as it comes back with an overwhelming vengeance– to get its crown back as the preeminent endless running royal. Get more of the exhilarating running and get your adrenaline rush ready once again.

Eager to delve into this game? Limber up those tapping fingers and read this iOS app review after the jump.

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Kolletta: Realize Your Tiny Little Dreams

One of the noblest acts today aside from volunteering in a rescue or relief operations for those who’ve been affected by any calamities is to raise funds. Be it by means of a benefit concert or an auction to sell pre-loved apparels to collect donations, there is always that kind heart in us to fulfill the dreams of others and help them in the best way we can, not just to uplift and save them from the devastation they’ve experienced but just because it’s innate in all of us to be generous enough to lend a hand. I, myself used to volunteer at some relief operations. During those days, I witnessed with my very own eyes the aftermath of the typhoon that hit my community. I even saw some kids asking for alms in the street and believe me, it was heartbreaking to see such a scenario. And the way to ease their feeling of hopelessness is to help them even in our simplest acts of deed. Trust me, the feeling of helping others was unparalleled to just sitting comfortably while others are, well, are out there in the dark.

Now, enough of those sappy, moving moments, I know most of us want to be a good Samaritan to the people around us. As much as we motivate other people in achieving their endeavors and all the more, their dreams, we tend to give them more by fulfilling their wishes. Be it just a simple wishfulthinking or a long term goal, we do everything to grant them their desires. Consequently, the result is that different kind of feeling– gratification at its finest. You don’t get that from getting thousands of tokens from your favorite family amusement and leisure center. Agree?

Fret no more and be at ease, we can make each one’s dreams finally come true through an app. Yes, with just your iOS devices, you can make a change– a difference that will surely benefit each and one of us.

Read more of  this iOS app review after the cut.

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Adventure Time with Blind Finned

If you can’t get enough of the righteous adventurers Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, then you must brace yourself once more as this duo is about to conquer your iOS devices with the newly released gaming application from Cartoon Network Asia.

This 2013, embark on a fun-filled adventure in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo or rather, other kingdoms. I know I’ve reviewed about Scribblenauts and Max and The Magic Marker, these apps actually sort of resemble this latest app that I’ll be introducing to you as it involves drawing! Yes, if you’ve been hooked with these types of games, then you shouldn’t dare miss this one!

Inspired by the cartoon series, ‘s story involves the silly Finn being ready for another adventure with his wise dog-slash-BFF, Jake. However, he’s off to try being a blind knight and it is up to you to help Jake watch his back, of course, by running ahead of him.

Get to know more about this captivating app right after the gap.

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MinoMonsters: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Are you an avid  fan of the famous Japanese animation Pokémon series? Do you remember the courageous little boy Ash Ketchum and his friends that roams around the world for an epic adventure catching new Pokémon or pocket monsters?

I bet you were once fascinated by the highlights of the anime including the battle of the Pokémon trainers, the quest for Gym Badges from tournaments and the attempts of busting some criminal group’s acts of evil.

Being the most in-demand and ever-popular franchise, many video game developers including Nintendo adapt the concept and tweaked it into an addictive game. However, now that we can have those games right at our fingertips via our handy mobile phones, there’s this particular app that’s merely a shameless ripoff of the well-known Pokémon. But this one managed to come up with a new type of adventure game.

Adopt a lovely pet and carry it with you on your phone wherever you may be and battle against other similar creatures owned by your friends. Brace yourself, join the journey and get to know more about this freemium app right after the cut.

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A Bouncy Adventure With Rubber Tacos

When I think of the Mexicans, I can’t help but affix them to the popular sport boxing, tearjerker TV dramas and most especially I can’t stop lusting and drooling over their delectable foods such as the mouthwatering burritos, tasty tacos, cheesy quesadilla and the like. Not just that, pop culture has been bombarded with cartoonish representations of their rich culture such as Speedy Gonzalez and Nacho Libre. But now, we can already add an app to that ever-growing list. We can include the amazeballs Rubber Tacos.

I know you’ve had enough of Physics-based games here in Applatter, but lo and behold, this family wants your full attention. Just look at them (referring to the photo above).

Rubber Tacos is a bouncy family adventure puzzle where you help the Taco family recover their peppers stolen by the crazy Piñata through over 120 delicious levels. This gaming application is developed by Zynga and is compatible for both iOS and Android devices.

Wanna know more about this app review? Spice up your gaming experience after the break!

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Zombie Tsunami: Endless Devouring of Brains

Zombies are back again invading the world of the living but this time they’re revolting. It seems like these undead beings can no longer suppress their hunger for brains.

As we all know, the app market was already bombarded and clogged with the undead genre, however hold on to your hats zombie lovers, I bet you’ll definitely love this smash-hit endless side scroller app called .

Formerly known as Zombie Carnaval, is an engaging gaming application for the iOS platform developed by Mobigame.  In this no-brainer game, you must be able to add as many zombies as you can to your parade, or should I say, horde of flesh-eating green monsters.

Having the same formula as other successful games and replicating the endless runner fun, this app (without a doubt) made a name of its own. Reigning at the peak as a top notch game, get the feeling of delight with its bevy of features that’s certainly a standout among other Zombie-themed apps. This particular app has lots of fresh and unique contents to sink your teeth into, so you better hop on the bandwagon.

I bet you can no longer hold your excitement and would want to take it a spin. Read more of this iOS app review below.

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Catch The Hooligans With Contraband in Airport Scanner

Airport perhaps is one of the busiest place in the world and with every people of different nationality you encounter, there lies some impatient travelers and hooligans who would try to bring all kinds of contraband onto flights. Good thing there are airport scanners which inspects every passengers luggage for everyone’s security and safety.

Are you one of those curious ones who wants to know how those scanning machines in the airport actually operate? With this app that I’ll be introducing,  it will not just let you experience how the machine works, it will also test your sleuthing skills in detecting fatal items that are forbidden to be carried on the baggage of a passenger.

Take charge of inspecting bags at the and help catch those bunch of bad guys and bring them to justice with this iOS app review.

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App Review: Fido’s Magic Soundbox

Kids these days are VERY curious. By this means they play with whatever they can get a grip of or ask bizarre questions that are sometimes beyond our comprehension. Also, they tend to get fascinated easily with sounds they hear. Once they perceive an obscure sound, they react in many different ways such as being exasperated, ecstatic, frightened and the like. Nonetheless, don’t you think it’s a good idea to engage their senses early with an educational app?

from the makers of qualitative educational apps, Pixel Interactive, is an app that has a phonics program that teaches kids some basic sound relationships through fun games. If you’ve visited places with Fido (remember the app review for Fido Goes Places DX?), then you’ll probably learn to love this kiddie app about sounds– be it around the house, transportation, sports, animals and among others.

A great way to build the foundation skills of your kids is to engage the tots to such educational app that’s sure to loosen up their brain. Read more about this iOS app review after the break.

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Take A Trip Down Memory Lane with PicStory – Photo Manager with Dropbox, Picasa

We all have those precious moments we want to keep for long and most of the time, we keep them by taking a picture. It’s such an amazing experience to be able to document your baby’s milestones or take snippets of the best and lasting moments that transpire during your graduation day or perhaps your wedding ceremony. We do keep these magical moments so we can hold onto them forever and so that these precious memories would never be forgotten.

As years will go by, I know you can only remember tidbits of the happenings in your life. You see, our minds can only hold so much and even if you have the capacity to remember everything, I am sure that it would still be incomplete because most of us don’t have that comprehensive view of things. Hence, those moments that we remember should be cherished from time to time.

I’m sure you do want to reminisce those occasions where you totally cracked up or had a meltdown. Well, the latter is not something to remember most of the time. But don’t you think that in yearning for those memories include not just what can be remembered but perhaps not reproduced (such as passion, vibrancy of youth and spontaneity)?

If only I could turn back the hands of time, I’d probably go back to those years that I had spent with my father and have our pictures taken all the time. Yes, we don’t take that much pictures together and the only thing that was left with me was a photo taken by my Polaroid that’s still in my closet. It doesn’t get old, likewise, those moments we spent together didn’t fade as well. However, it’s just so devastating that our other photos together were lost. Ergo, I just have to hold onto what my memory remembers and to the stories, or rather testimonies of other people about my father.

Don’t worry, you’ll never have this same sentiment as mine. With the advancement of technology, you can now trust that your memories are in the best of hands with just your smartphones or even devices. Interesting isn’t it?

Introducing a photo managing app that will give you not just a throwback to the past but will also allow you have that nostalgic feeling as you browse those photos filled with memories from the good old days.

Find out more about this iOS app in this review after the cut.
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