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Sudoku Zong-Ji: Test Your Mind

Brain teasers had always been one of the greatest pastime of humanity. In those times when life was simpler, where there’s not much to think about, no technology to run after, people can still squeeze in a couple of mind games as a form of relaxation. Isn’t it great how they unwind through a mental game? While in this day and age, more and more people are avoiding applications which require the use of brain power. Ah, but hope is not yet lost, because there are souls out there who refuses to succumb to the madness of endless runner games. Are you one of them? If it’s a yes, then this is your lucky day because here’s Sudoku Zong-Ji, the newest addition to your brainy apps!

 Are you familiar with this numerical game? Then read on for more information about Sudoku Zong-Ji after the cut.

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Un-Pick Up Lines: Don’t Ruin Your Love Life

Exchanging a few words with the opposite sex can be quite nerve-wracking when you have that inkling of a romantic interest with the other person. The need to always look good and say the right intellectual comments can build up one’s tension which oftentimes end up making them continuously babble out nonsense. Remember that the key here is to maintain your cool and recall what you’ve read in applications meant to teach the proper ways of how to get a date or make somebody find you interesting enough to call you the day after. You can refer to the app market for multitudes of mobile applications that give basic to situational tips on sparking up a conversation or finishing a date with flying colors.

But guys, knowing the right things to make a girl swoon won’t guarantee that you’d not blurt out something so slap-worthy that you’d feel your date’s hand on your cheek for weeks! Better gear up as I introduce to you an app that lists down all the unconventional and unfit phrases that you should never in your life mindlessly utter to a lady. Intrigued? Then read more of this app review to get the low-down on Un-Pick Up Lines!

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Handy Memo: Easy, Fast and Neat Note-Taking!

In a student’s lifestyle, it is very inevitable for them to take down notes with a use of a pen and paper. People can’t normally absorb every lesson discussed so writing them down is necessary, right? Even if we are not students anymore, there will come some moments where the little poet in us or the little planner in us suddenly thought of an idea and we just really need to jot it down. For some reasons, perhaps, aging or memory gap, saving them somewhere is essential.

But in this app-obsessed world, we need to keep up with the innovation of such high-end gadgets and applications which obviously make our lives extra easy and fast! Good thing, I’ve discovered an app that will basically make your note-taking easy, fast and neat. You need not to scratch those mistakes with your red pen and avoid the messy paper full of erasures when you have Handy Memo installed on your Android devices.

Dig into more details on my Android App Review after the jump.

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Android App Review: Little Things Forever

Sometimes, life gets a little boring. Your family is all stuck up in your house waiting for something that can spice up your dull lives. That happens to my family as well. We are all just being couch potatoes eating as much food as we can and watching television for long hours until our eyes get tired and before we know it, it’s time to sleep. Time flies so fast when you’re having fun, right? But the question is, are you really having fun? If you and your family or even friends are looking for something cool to do that will make your bond stronger in a fun way, then I guess a free casual app is the best remedy that I can give you.

I can now sense that you’re all excited about my news! Well, if you are a keen observer and you are just fascinated with seek and find games, then let’s give thanks to the people behind – an app which stores thousands of little things that you need to find!

The biggest and coolest search is bound to happen after the jump.

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Android App Review: Steam Cards

I would remember when I was still young, I love playing Memory Games on our computer. I would spend long hours in front of the computer because I was so obsessed with the matching of objects hidden under the flap of cards that are laid beautifully on the screen. But now that computers are solely for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others, computer games have been washed away by the innovation of technology. Good thing, in this app-obsessed world, Teshika Ltd. brought back to life my favorite game way back in childhood! With some twists and turns, definitely it is indeed more fun to play !

If you’re undergoing this so-called short-term memory and you just tend to forget important or not-so-important things easily, then I’m very sure that this game will help you solve that problem. Remembering things would somehow look fun when you play this memory game called Steam Cards! Hence this is not just your typical matching cards. I’ll spill the beans about this cool app on my Android app review after the break.

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Android App Review: Captain Clumsy

Basically, pirates are perceived as tough, brave and scary human beings. With their hook, patched eye, hat, and strong built, definitely you wouldn’t want them to get near you. They might turn you into slaves or rather use you to get money in return. Little did we know that not all pirates have the same ferocious look that we are all used to. There’s one clumsy pirate that I know which is now dominating the Android app market. Do you want to know who he is? Aye!

For the Android release, the developer Cute Attack partnered with G-Gee Games, one of the largest Android game platforms, to bring a new and unique pirate game with birds, an awesome combination you’ve never seen before! Are you ready to help Captain Clumsy bring back his treasure that he clumsily lost, aye?

will definitely make a change in the world of pirates. Learn more about his adventure on my Android app review after the jump.

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Celebrity Quiz: How well do you know the Stars?

Are you one of the few people who would do everything you can just for that one glimpse of your favorite celebrity on her biggest Asian Tour? For those who consider themselves as avid fanatics, you may find yourself collecting photos, posters, shirts, bags, pillows and other collectibles in which you can find the face of your favorite celebrity posted on something. You would even follow her on Twitter and ask for a miracle that she will reply to you or even follow you back. I know that sounds ridiculous or perhaps freaky since you are instantly becoming a stalker. Well, this is all for the love, admiration and support, right?

There’s no harm being intended by just being a plain avid fanatics of those celebrities who we view as our inspiration in our daily life. We may think that we dream to be like them in the near future; sing, dance and act just like them. But wait! Hold on tight to your seats as this Android app review will introduce a fan-tastic app that will test your knowledge about the well-known celebrities. Let Celebrity Quiz unleash your star-studded skills!

How well do you know the stars? It’s time to find out after the break.

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Shape Up with Workout Trainer!

There are multiple invitations and parties that we need to attend all throughout the year. During the holidays, people can’t resist the temptations that are present such as the mouth-watering delicacies, enticing desserts, and overflowing liquors that we can’t say not to no matter how hard we try. Because of that, we can’t control ourselves anymore. After all the non-stop eating, dancing, and late partying we have no time to shake our body because we have to get some rest.

Those are the month long celebrations that we have to endure before we can go back to our normal routines and lifestyle. Yes, after all the festivity, we can finally rest and control our eating habits. But wait, look at the mirror and scan yourself carefully. What do you see? Oh, your clothes won’t fit your body anymore! Just then you will realize the weight that you just gained.

Version: Android| Price: Free| Category: Fitness and Health

But how are we going to trim down all the flabby fats? Going to gym is time consuming while hiring a personal trainer is way too expensive. What are we going to do? How about a personal diet? I don’t think majority of us can do it for we are the ones who bait our own selves. But I have a better suggestion. . .

Worry no more, the ideal health and fitness app is here to teach you some exercise lessons via Skimble Inc.’s . Go grab your sports outfits, stretch your arms, ready your legs, and do what I say. Read more

Radioactive Lie Detector: Swear to tell the truth

I remember watching a criminal being interrogated with a lie detector machine. He was facing a wall while all sorts of wires are sticking out of him, only to reconnect in a one bulky machine with needles moving incessantly on top of a paper. It was terrifying yet beautiful. I kept on asking my mother how was it possible for that contraption to enter the mind of a person and make sure if he was being honest. Not knowing what to say to me, my mom told me to let it go and just watch. Fun times… fun times. But the question kept nagging me so I decided to research. Turns out, it has to do with a person’s unconscious reactions to statements. From their heartbeats to their sweat glands, the lie detecting machine picks it up and scribes it. Then it’s passed on to a polygraph examiner to be analyzed. Lot of loopholes, if you tell me.

I’ve always thought that a person’s mind can’t be thoroughly read so my fascination with the instrument that seems to trespass heads persists up to now. And it was sparked to vibrant colors again when I encountered an application called Radioactive Lie Detector in the Google Play Store. Without any wires to connect yourself to your device, how will an app be able to know if you’re lying or not? So I just had to download the app and take a look for myself.

Of course, I know that this app is a faux-polygraph machine. Seriously, I am not that naive. And looking at its graphics, I thought that it’s definitely worth a try. Continue reading this Android app review for more information.

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Android App Review: Gangnam Style Run

2012 wouldn’t be as memorable as it was not without the massive dance craze that people of all ages have grooved with. I’m pretty sure that you know what I’m talking about. Who wouldn’t believe that this guy wearing a well-made tuxedo, bow tie and shades with his brushed-up hair style will instantly tickle our funny bones and make us do the horse dance in an absolutely creative way? And if up to know, you still can’t teach your two left feet how to strut the horse dance steps, then perhaps you should read Applatters’ The Trending Gangnam Style Horse Dance and the Dancing Baby to know how it should be done.

Whether you like it or not, we can’t deny the fact that this song is still on repeat and can be heard almost everywhere we go. And would you believe that from conquering the radio, television, internet and billboard chart scenes, PSY has eventually dominated the Android Market! Undoubtedly, PSY will once again take us into a whim of fun yet challenging world of Gangnam Style Run.

Be ready to groove and run ala Gangnam Style after the jump.

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