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Chat Your Way with ChatOn

ChatOn is a social networking application from Samsung Electronics Ltd. This free app serves as a global mobile communication service provider. Its primary function is to let you communicate or get in touch with your friends and family at any time and any place. ChatOn’s main objective is to let you have better relationships with your buddies and loved ones at all times. Now, that’s sweet!

One of the best and most exciting things about this amazing app is that it uses a variety of communication methods which will surely capture your interest and heart. It will help you in expressing and sharing your ideas and feelings with those people who are dear to you. Moreover, it is designed with simple, clean, and eye-catching icons and interface.

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Apps to Organize Your Travel

Is it your first time to travel and you don’t know what to do? Want to find something interesting to eat, drink, or do on your trip?

Plan and reserve bookings. Organize itinerary. Waste less time at airports. Convey something in Mandarin. Steer away from traffic congestion. In short, get rid of the hassle! Put on those essential apps on your smartphones and travel at ease.

Actually, I’ve piled up a collection of travel app reviews which range from mapping apps to travel guides and references. See it for yourself!

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Fun Ways to Communicate with Skype, Viber, and Kakaotalk

Having constant communication with our loved ones is the best way to show that we care for them. A single text in the morning or a call before you go to sleep will make a huge difference. It can brighten up someone’s mood in just a split second. I admit that I’m like that. If I’m having a bad day and a friend suddenly calls to ask how my day was makes me happy. Even if though were miles apart, I can feel that there is someone who cares about me.

I have family members and friends who reside in different places in the world. I remember back in the days when I get that blissful feeling upon receiving Christmas and Birthday cards from my Uncle all the way from US. When technology altered the way we connect, we were able to get cheaper overseas calls. But somehow, we still ask for more. Email rescued us and Yahoo Messenger became a fad. I was one of those who became obsessed with video calls. It makes me feel closer to them because I can see them in real time, plus the comfort of not typing what I need to say.

Now that we are in the app generation, things improved in more ways imaginable. You can now talk for free and with better reception. Here are my top three apps that help me connect anywhere in the world for free.

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Forget Forgetting with Future Scheduler

How often do you have to be reminded of your duties such as your business meeting and sending out of emails to your prospects? Did you ever forget to deliver that special Birthday message to your loved one? Well, if you fail to remember everything because you’re overly occupied in your busy and hectic life, or you just simply forget, chances are, you’ll get into trouble. Either you’ll make your loved ones downright disappointed or mess up an important business transaction. I bet you don’t want to experience those dire consequences of forgetting. Don’t you?

Future Scheduler by Appsicum

If you have a complex schedule that varies from week to week, keeping track of your working days and managing your personal life can be a chore. Besides, it’s really hard to quickly figure out which one to prioritize. Even though you can write your reminders on sticky notes or make use of your planner to set your calendar of activities, there’s still a tendency that you’ll  lose them or worst, forget them when they are most needed. Oh no!
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MapQuest: Your Free GPS

I guess it’s safe to say that you should throw those annoyingly large road maps hidden on your car’s dashboard because they’ve already been digitally replaced! If you’re unaware of this, can you tell me what rock have you been living under for the last ten years? Teasing aside, sales of tangible city maps have went down considerably when smart phone applications developing companies launched GPS apps. Way back in the 90s, GPS devices are attached directly to automobiles and those bulky instruments may need a few hours to install into your car and did I mention that your dashboard can be altered by it too?

There’s no doubt about the copious amount of directional help one can get from having a GPS device. And in this era where computer geniuses tend to make everything extremely handy, GPS applications for your smart devices are now available for download. Some are a bit pricey while some are free. We don’t want to spend a dime as much as possible, right? So let me introduce to you a free GPS app called MapQuest!

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Trapster: Slow Down!

Save your souls—and soles—by lessening the force on that gas pedal, people! Carelessness, machismo attitude, and too much speed causes car accidents and that hefty fine over your driver’s license so you might as well take it mile per mile in a slow and steady pace. Just as much as I like stepping on the gas when the highway clears, I promised myself not to get a speeding ticket for as long as I can drive. Rather than see the speedometer rise above 70, I chant my on-the-wheel-mantra of “I love my driver’s license” instead. Besides, there are so many road officers on stealth that will pounce on you the moment your unlawful speed registers on their radar.

Have enough tickets to make a collage already? Then maybe it’s time for you to give up driving or brush up on your road attitude. Slowing down is not as hard as quitting chocolates so don’t whine and stomp your stubborn feet. In order to get yourself out of the close watch of road officials, let me introduce to you an Android application called Trapster, your mobile application to spot those checkpoints!

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Roam Like A Local With Singapore City Guide

Globe trotters and first-time travelers alike do know how important a comprehensive travel guide is. Thanks to modernity, you don’t have to look like the classic tourist with a wide 8-fold city map tucked in your back pocket because your smart devices will already suffice. Dragging city tours? Forget about ‘em! Who would want a boring one which gives you limited time to savor a tourist spot? No one. Having that out in the open, if you’re planning on booking that out-of-the-country flight, I advice you to take a look first at GuidePal’s online city guides.

This Android app review will center on GuidePal’s take on Asia’s Lion City, Singapore! Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to check out what the app named Singapore City Guide has to offer to all those who want a photo op with the infamous Merlion.

For , , and Blackberry. (Free)

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Learn Letters with Kids ABC Letters Lite

Because of the existence of modern technology, learning can now be done in a lot of ways. Aside from the traditional classroom setting and home tutorial, gadgets such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones are also used to further increase the comprehension level of our sweet and sometimes naughty kids.

It is a given fact that kids allot a great amount of time in playing rather than studying their lessons. Instead of reading books and doing their homework, most of them prefer to spend the rest of the day by watching television shows and playing computer games. Do you have a child who is into this kind of situation? Are you looking for an answer that might help you make your little monster recognize the essence of education? Well, I suggest you continue reading this app review because this educational application called Kids ABC Letters Lite maybe the solution to your dilemma.

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Guess, Play, and Go Insane with Hangman

How good are you in guessing games? Or better yet, how broad is your vocabulary bank? Are you familiar with a lot of things? Can you keep up with Hangman?

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Easy Job Search with JobStreet Job Search

After years of studying and obtaining your chosen degree, we are set to find a job that will help us stumble on our dream profession. Finding a job is a far cry from finding the ideal school. With technology, looking for a job became accessible.

Finding jobs became lenient with the help of JobStreet Job Search app. You only need to sign in for a JobStreet Job Search account, and you can simply track all the offered jobs in your country. Applicants will no longer need to go through walk-in applications in different offices to find a post. JobStreet Job Search lets you save time as it allows you to send a job application wherever you are with the help of your mobile device.

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