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Love Test! Summer Edition: In-depth Relationship Assessment

Are you ready to catch some love bugs? Tomorrow, as the month of love officially begins, don’t get too surprised as smittened people act all googly-eyed and cheesy. Flowers, hearts, chocolates, and declaration of supposedly undying love will again fill the air. If you’re in a relationship now, I’m sure you’re stoked as to find out what your partner had prepared for you on Valentine’s Day. And to get you more umped up, take a look at this application that can measure how much you and your partner know each other plus some quirky features that can heat up your love life! 

If you’re planning on spending Valentine’s Day at the beach or somewhere fun and exciting, then Love Test! Summer Edition might be your ultimate guide on making Cupid take your side this year. Read more of this Android app review after the cut.

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Aid your memory with Boxes & Stuff

Today’s technology affords us many luxuries that last century’s generation have missed. And while our forefathers may not like some of the technological advancements we take for granted today, our parents may find GianLuca Giusti’s thoughtful (no pun intended) innovation useful.

Boxes & Stuff is a unique asset management tool that helps people remember where they put any object in their house. Arguably one of the first lifestyle apps this year designed to work best with the iPhone 5, Boxes & Stuff generates and reads QR codes for easy item storage and identification.

Sounds like a perfect solution to your inventory problems? Learn more about the app after the jump.

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Lose Weight with DietBet

Have you ever made a bet with your friends that you could do something for a few bucks? Let’s say someone dared you to walk up to your crush in middle school and ask her out, and one of your richer friends told you he’d be willing to bet a few dollars that you can’t do it. I’m sure you had taken that offer and asked your crush out, right?

Everyone’s experienced betting with friends, even in one way or another. This is probably why the developers behind a relative newcomer to the Health & Fitness app category took simple betting to the next level with none other than DietBet.

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App Review: TimeAct Task Manager

In this day and era where most of people’s minds are bombarded with lots of non-sense trivial things, forgetting, it seems, is now as common as breathing. It’s as if technology has given us tons of stuff to think about which are perfectly camouflaged by the comfort it brings to our daily lives. A mobile device, offers instant communication but we can’t ever escape the tense feeling of guarding the device with all our might. Too much information means there are lesser space for us to think about the mundane but essential tidbits of our dailies; deadlines, for one.

Okay, there’s more to life than deadlines because there are also birthdays, anniversaries, getaways, holidays, first day of classes… etc. Unless you have a photographic memory or just a bad-ass type of brain that can remember things and shizz, then good for you. But for the unfortunate ones, we ought to rely on a trustee planner to dictate everything for us instead. Although that’s not forever the case, because we can even forget to write important reminders in the planner itself. Sad, isn’t it? But there might be a cure to that! Since what we can’t possibly forget is to bring our mobile devices with us, why not equip it with a task managing app that has all the right quirks to keep you in track? Read all about this Android app called after the cut.

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Top 3 Thai Recipe Apps for iOS

It’s not only the Chinese, Japanese, and the Koreans whose national cuisines are being embraced worldwide. Yes, their delicious masterpieces might be the top sought after concoctions in Asia—or in any other continent—but the other yellow-skinned countries also have a lot to take pride for. An example of which is Thailand with their rich blend of spices and ingredients that makes their delicacies crave-worthy. Although their food might look bland caused by the simplicity of its color, believe you me, it’s far more than what meets the eye. From the first bite to the last, expect some good ‘ol yummy goodness that will keep you asking for another serving!

Since Applatter likes Thai cuisine so much (read on other Thai recipe apps), here are three more additions that should be included in the list. So instead of dining out, why not try and make your own Thai meal with these apps that’s sure to guide you in the process or stretch your tongue and say the food you want instead of pointing it out on the menu to the waiter. *wink*

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iExplorer HD: A Multi-Purpose File Management Tool

Now that 2012 is drawing a close, it’s safe to assume that a new year means better business.

One of the good things about the current technology available at our fingertips will always be mobility. Nowadays we only have to take our mobile device (read: iPad) with us to access work-related files in a jiffy.

When it comes to managing files, Zhigang Chen’s iExplorer HD takes things to another level as it lets you access plenty of your files and lets you complete tasks anywhere you go.

iExplorer HD allows you to connect to remote servers such as Dropbox, Google Docs, WebDAV, and even SkyDrive. The productivity app is packed with features for your business as it is essentially a key to all the files you’ve got tucked somewhere. Reading files (including eBooks!) can take bit of time, though, since you will need to fully understand how the entire business application works and what it can do for you.

And once you’ve successfully synced your files, you can always view files offline if the server is not reachable.

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Fashion Inc.: Run your own Fashion House

Have you ever dreamed of being part of the well-loved reality television show, Project Runway, as each aspiring designers show off what they got to be the next bright star in the fashion industry? Project Runway is just one of the tickets to the biggest fashion break in your life. Well, I tell you, this is not a campaign or a teaser to the next season of Project Runway. It just goes to show how thousands of aspiring fashion designers are there who would do anything that they can to show their (this may sound cliche) ‘Passion for Fashion.’

Hence, you wouldn’t want to try out for the upcoming seasons without an edge among the fellow aspiring fashion designers, right? You wouldn’t want Michael Kors, one of the judges, to have doubt on your skill, don’t you? If I were you, why don’t you start enhancing your fashion design skills? Let this app review help you make it to the cut with an app called

Let the fashion tour begin after the cut.

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Digital Scrapbooking with Coolibah!

A single photograph can hold a multitude of memories. One glance and your eyes and mind will be filled with different emotions as you absorb the creeping aura of that moment in time, captured through the eyes of another. It is meant to be stored, displayed even. And with each photograph I see, my mind goes on auto-pilot as I reach out to create a story in my mind on what could have happened right there and then when the photo was taken. The value of a single photograph during the “film camera” days are graver than what we have now. Having limited shots, people always made sure to have the Kodak moments immortalized but theses days, with our digital cameras, we can release our shutterbug selves and capture every single minute of an occasion.

Although digital photographs may prove to be a higher form of photography since you can produce high definition shots which you can choose from and keep without cluttering the house. That reminds me, I have a scrapbook back at home which is now collecting dust bunnies under my bed. All its blank pages scared me because I felt like it’s gonna be an epic fail if I dare try to create something so beautiful and artsy. And I have no knack of choosing the right materials to make everything work. All these years, I thought that making my own wonderfully messy scrapbook was a lost not until I accidentally saw an application called .

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If you “Fancy” it, then buy it!

For a Tumblr addict, endless scrolling through all the happy—and emotional quotes—found on your dashboard is like a mix of “oohs” and envy. Some are re-blog worthy while the others are just too amazeballs that if reaching out through your computer screen is possible, your room might be filled with all the fancy rainbows that the internet provides. But what if acquiring those hipster clothes, vintage cameras, and antique books can be possible with just a click? Oh that would definitely have us puking glitters all over!

And that’s exactly the thought behind this application perfect for frequent online shoppers and those who are budding to be. Fancy is like Tumblr and Pinterest gone online store! No more wondering of where to buy that awesome wayfarers with a customized frame and even that Emily Bronte book you’ve been eyeing to have for months.

With Fancy, clicking on the heart under a photograph has two meaning in its tails. It’s either you just like it or you like it enough to put the item in your cart. Sounds cool, eh? It’s like your shopping without even knowing what you’re looking for exactly. Is the app tickling your fancy? Then read on for more information about this app through this review.

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WorldCard Mobile: Scans Business Cards and Stores Them All

Just to make our lives a whole lot easier, today’s technologies have rendered a lot of analog devices obsolete. Take for instance the encyclopedia, which has been successfully replaced by the likes of Wikipedia. There’s Skype that makes contacting your loved ones from across the world much, much easier. And then there’s cloud storage, which makes a cool addition to our existing group of storage solutions today.

Add to that a new innovative application that helps you store your contacts’ information with little effort. The makers of Worldictionary has created WorldCard Mobile and designed it to become an important tool primarily for sales and marketing agents. Of course anyone who still uses a rolodex–may he be a freelance professional or a personal assistant–can just as easily find themselves downloading WorldCard Mobile on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

For the curious, wonder no more.

Click the link to find out why the thoughfully-designed application is a great tool for any person worth his salt.

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