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Logo Quiz_Pop Singer: Who’s That Pop Artist?

I was looking for a casual app that will somehow kill my rooting boredom when a friend suggested to me another logo quiz application. I don’t actually intend to review this application simply because logo quizzes are now a trend and a lot of people are going crazy answering this type of application but this can’t be helped-seriously. There are number of logo quiz applications for brands, movies, characters, and people popping out today in which the famous Icon Pop Quiz that was reviewed by Maeve Audrey belongs.  The picture snatched my fidgety attention pushing me to instantly download the app.

Can you recognize these faces? They look familiar right? You might be questioning yourself by now after seeing the picture. Are they strangers you have met somewhere and bumped on a subway? Or, one of them could be your neighbor, classmate, and friend. Well, who knows? Before you stress yourself thinking of the true identity of this people take a closer look and carefully scan each faces first. Obviously, these faces are in fact well-known to most of us because they are the oh so “pop-ular” global singers of all times that we ardently watch and listen to.

Who among reading this android app review does not know the phenomenal songs of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston? People always love Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” in the film The Bodyguard while their hearts goes on with Celine’s song “My Heart Will Go On” for the movie Titanic. They are only two of the hundreds of artists that you have to guess as you play by Logo Quiz.

Don’t wait for paparazzi to spoil your day, get your android device before the genie in a bottle comes out. Come on let us all break the ice!    Read more

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar with Lyric Legend 2

I have noticed that our love for music makes us one despite our different appreciation of song choices. For instance, people automatically sing every time there is a familiar song playing because we simply can’t resist the enticement. Our love for music also brought YouTube with its thousands or even millions of videos uploaded to hit one billions of views.

Wait there’s more. . .

The birth of countless singing reality shows is an obvious indication how strong the impact of music is globally. Two of the most outstanding programs today that showcase various talents are “American Idol” and “The X Factor” where lots of aspiring talents joins the prestigious competition to attain recognition all over the world.

The famous artists that we see and hear today like One Direction, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, and more are the product of these programs. I must say that I am one of the million viewers who patiently watched the journey of each contestant as they show the world their unique talents which captured and inspired our hearts to continue the dream we have within.

However, some of us dream of becoming an idol while some are already contented watching and supporting their own biases. But whenever we see an artist performing on stage we can’t help but imagine ourselves standing on their shoes. Hmmm, how does it feel to be like them? We want to experience the same fun too- lucky those distinct individuals.

Fortunately, because of our love for music, TuneWiki created a free app that will let us rock the concert scene. Through people can now experience the performance that we all dream of bringing fantasy straight from our Android devices.

We know how hard and challenging it is as an artist. Imagine the lyrics they have to memorize and the perfect pitch they have to show. Let’s see if you can pass the challenge to become the next idol!

Note: Make sure to memorize as much lyrics as you can before playing the game. Read more

Get Your Daily Fill Of Rock n’ Roll With “Band Of The Day”

Since the birth of rock and roll in the 1950s, up to its culmination in the early 60s (God bless The Beatles!) and so on, discovering and listening to new songs everyday has become a natural inclination for music lovers. Music  had become a big instrument for social and cultural movement, and was touted as one of the most expressive art forms ‘til now. Some people listen to music as if their whole lives depend on it. I can relate to those people because I owe much of my job to the songs that I listen to—I cannot ever write a single article without some music on.

And as music continues to progress, with range of different music styles morphing into another genre of progressive rhythms, searching for the obviously good songs can be a bit of a hard work. For fans of the ear-shattering riffs and for groupies who spend most of their lives stalking rock bands, or rock band hotties for that matter (eyeroll), a new iOS app called Band of the Day will help your fixation of looking for the best music that has yet to become a mainstream favourite in the airwaves. Band of the Day will introduce you to new bands every day and will even allow some free streaming to serenade your eardrums more. With bands ranging from alt rock, progressive rock, grunge, indie rock, and psychedelic rock genres among others, looking for your daily dose of rock n’ rolla won’t need an encore! Read more

SoundHound: Last Song Syndrome

You were walking at the mall with your friends, giggling and catching up with each other. It’s been decades since you’ve last seen each other. At the peak of your stories, suddenly your favorite song when you were in high school played! Thrilled by the thought and memories of that song, you and your friends sang as the music played: “Can you tell me how can one miss what she’s never had, 
How could I reminisce when there is no past. How could I have memories of being happy with you boy, Could someone tell me how can this be?” For some strange reason, one of you asked, “What’s the title of that song again?” Instantly, everybody went, “I know that song! Wait, it’s at the tip of my tongue.” Perhaps, “I know her, the girl with the curly hair who sang Officially Missing You!”

Most of the time, getting the Last Song Syndrome would be the most contagious illness you could ever encounter. You could be insane trying your very best to sing the song all over again just to figure out the title or perhaps the singer/band. Or worse, you can’t sleep and be bothered all day not until you figured it out yourself.

Get rid of the the Last Song Syndrome trouble as today, this app review will present an app which will save your memory gap moments with an app called SoundHound.

Available for and devices (free)

Let the sound searching begin after the cut.

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App Review: My InstaStory

People turn to Instagram instantly when they have captured something that is worth-sharing to friends and other people around the globe. Sometimes, even the tinniest things like a strand of a shiny grey hair, or dirt in a shoe is Instagram-ed because those pictures, for some people, hold a special story behind their being flimsy. And with the addition of age-old, sepia’s worth of filters, the results become cooler, and even more memorable. The only bad thing is when your point is not successfully taken, and you’re flooded with comments saying “This is non-sense”, or worst, “What is this?”

Now, telling stories using your Instagram photos is easier because of this new app called My InstaStory. My InstaStory is a free iOS app from Insta Story Inc. which allows Instagram users to create a slideshow of their Instagram photos and turn it into a short video complete with music and dramatic transitions. With My InstaStory, it is simpler to tell the world the stories behind your cryptic Instagram photos. Whether you want to create a slideshow of your Instagram-ed wedding photos, a scrapbook of how your year banged, or a cluster of concert photos that you can’t get over with, you can do so with My InstaStory. Also, it is more enjoyable to view the slideshows because of the apt background music scoring your epic InstaStory. Read more

Songify your Speech!

The Applatter team has presented some notable music apps which contributes a lot in changing the lives of music enthusiasts and frustrated singers.

If you’re listening on the radio and you caught that “last song syndrome”, Shazam will instantly identify the song or artist for you. When you feel like singing your heart out with your friends, Sing! Join the global karaoke party will let you reach out to your friends in any part of the world through a song. However, if you want to show off your musical wits and battle out with your fellow music geeks, Song Pop will put you to a test.

Today, this app review is dedicated to all those music buffs out there who once dreamed of recording their own songs and becoming a world class artist. Other than being a YouTube sensation, you can now fulfill your lifelong “American Idol” or “X Factor” dream with an app called Songify.

Free for  devices

From the developer of Magic Piano and Sing! Join the Global Karaoke Party! which the Applatter team has already presented, here’s another app by Smule which will magically turn your speech into your desired music.

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Having its origin in the lower part of the United States, jazz music had definitely come a long long distance away from home. With every country embracing it while throwing in a few cultural tweaks along the way, it can be adhered that jazz is relative and flexible to where it is. As renowned musician and jazz critic, Joachim Berendt puts it, there is no precise definition for this type of music so he described it instead as a “form of art music which originated in the United States through the confrontation of blacks with European music” and its “spontaneity and vitality of musical production in which improvisation plays a role.”

During the early 20th century, its popularity rose to epic proportions that it became a staple music within households and radio stations. Among the countries that saw jazz’s sunrise is Japan. With the frequent performances of American and Filipino jazz bands in the entertainment districts of Japan which is Osaka and Tokyo, the locals were inspired to create jazz music which they can call their own. As the years passed by and the country was able to produce numerous famed individuals with “all the right jazz” in their body, one contemporary band who captured a worldwide audience had stood out from the rest. Ladies and gentlemen, keep those dancing shoes tied as I introduce you to a quintet that is, JABBERLOOP!

This quirky, fun, and talented Japanese band now has an iOS application. For more information, read through this iOS app review of their exclusive freeware for iPhone and iTouch users.

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App Showdown: Draw Something vs Sing Something

Applatter presents a showdown between two “something” apps vying to become “something” worth your dime.

Intrigued? Find out who wins after the break.

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The Trending Gangnam Style Horse Dance


If you think a lot of people had enough displaying their booty dance step dancing Teach Me How to Dougie, better think again. Show some swag on and teach me how to this time, a free app by Mogle. This year, Gangnam Style is one of the hottest and most viewed k-pop video all over the web flaunting its outstanding horse dance step which dominated the globe in just a short period of time. Read more

iPhone App Review: Sing! Join the global karaoke party!

Nothing beats a good time than to wail endlessly your favorite pop songs available in the list of karaoke must-sings when you are hanging out with friends. Whether you are drinking with them or not, it is always the best when everybody is having fun just by hearing each other belt out their own off-key versions of the latest pop and novelty songs. Even if you are not a natural crooner, it is still awesome to do singsongs with your fellas and just have a memorable, albeit embarrassing, hijinks.

If you are one of the avid karaoke sing-off fans, and you are having a hard time gathering friends for a good time because of clashing schedules, maybe you need to check this app called a social networking karaoke app that will let users sing their favourite tunes and have the world belt in. The name of the app is a mouthful, but it is one of the best app ideas out there! Say: the current high-school hook-up song, Call Me Maybe, is rubbing off on you, then better download this app, download the song, Invite your friends and other Sing! users, and do your own rendition of the song ala Bieber and Friends—all through your handy iPhones! Just think of Sing! as Twitter meets Karaoke. It’s that fresh! Read more