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App Review: Location Alerts

Wouldn’t it be swell if we’re to have someone or something remind us of what we’re supposed to do or even send text messages for us when we know we wouldn’t be able to hold our phones? For the reminding bit, yes, there are quite a number of apps dedicated to do just that but what if we roll it into one with an application that can both remind us of the things we have to do and send out text messages or dial calls? I bet that’s going to be a wonder unto itself because forgetting is as innate as breathing unless you have a photographic memory. But if you’re a common app monger who clings on mobile software to make your routinary life more bearable and easy, take a look at Location Alerts, an app triggered by your vicinity, which can do all the mundane things for you.

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Handy Memo: Easy, Fast and Neat Note-Taking!

In a student’s lifestyle, it is very inevitable for them to take down notes with a use of a pen and paper. People can’t normally absorb every lesson discussed so writing them down is necessary, right? Even if we are not students anymore, there will come some moments where the little poet in us or the little planner in us suddenly thought of an idea and we just really need to jot it down. For some reasons, perhaps, aging or memory gap, saving them somewhere is essential.

But in this app-obsessed world, we need to keep up with the innovation of such high-end gadgets and applications which obviously make our lives extra easy and fast! Good thing, I’ve discovered an app that will basically make your note-taking easy, fast and neat. You need not to scratch those mistakes with your red pen and avoid the messy paper full of erasures when you have Handy Memo installed on your Android devices.

Dig into more details on my Android App Review after the jump.

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Aid your memory with Boxes & Stuff

Today’s technology affords us many luxuries that last century’s generation have missed. And while our forefathers may not like some of the technological advancements we take for granted today, our parents may find GianLuca Giusti’s thoughtful (no pun intended) innovation useful.

Boxes & Stuff is a unique asset management tool that helps people remember where they put any object in their house. Arguably one of the first lifestyle apps this year designed to work best with the iPhone 5, Boxes & Stuff generates and reads QR codes for easy item storage and identification.

Sounds like a perfect solution to your inventory problems? Learn more about the app after the jump.

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Lose Weight with DietBet

Have you ever made a bet with your friends that you could do something for a few bucks? Let’s say someone dared you to walk up to your crush in middle school and ask her out, and one of your richer friends told you he’d be willing to bet a few dollars that you can’t do it. I’m sure you had taken that offer and asked your crush out, right?

Everyone’s experienced betting with friends, even in one way or another. This is probably why the developers behind a relative newcomer to the Health & Fitness app category took simple betting to the next level with none other than DietBet.

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Jot down your Notes on Life

Writing is considered as one of the best and powerful expression of one’s thoughts, feelings and desires. Some people would be more comfortable when they keep everything in private – no one has a say on whatever they are going through. To most people, their best bud would be their handy dandy little notebook where they can write, draw or even plan out something that pops in their head. This notebook full of blank pages may be filled up with plans, dreams, desires, imaginations and everything in between. But having separate notebooks for each would be such a hassle when all we want to do is to enjoy the comfort of living in this high-tech world, right?

I know we can’t remember everything so writing them down on a piece of paper is a very essential thing to do. For the creative artists, having a platform that they can grab easily and bring with them everywhere is a big help in making their lives easier. Whether you’re a poet, an artist, or an Obsessive Compulsive parent, I’m pretty sure I got everything you need in just one application.

Whatever life throws at you, be ready to document it and keep it on your little virtual notebook because Notes on Life got you covered.

As you ponder on your daily musings on life, why don’t you read on my Android app review for more life-changing details after the break.

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Handy Note: An app for all your note-taking needs!

Jotting down notes with a blotting pen or a heavy notebook can be extremely frustrating. Worse, maintaining a more mobile lifestyle to keep up with the times makes juggling several notebooks and planners extremely inconvenient.

Good thing it’s hard to find someone willing to go through the school year with annoying writing instrument and a burdensome journal. Thank the heavens for Handy Note: a mobile app that helps us with our note-taking, remembers our schedule and keeps us organized. For value alone, the app is a sure must-have for all students and professionals who take great pleasure in the traditional way of note-taking and schedule planning.


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App Review: Wishlab

Please allow me to start this off with a greeting: Happy new year, Applatter readers! And in line with the new roundabout journey of our planet around the sun, let’s all start 2013 on the right foot by being positive and goal-minded. Remember that it’s up to us to make one full year—or our lives, even—on our favor. What better way to make this year unfold gradually good than to achieve your wishes, be it short term or long term? If you’ve been constantly throwing your dreams back to make time for some other ethereal thing, then you’re probably missing out a lot! But lo and behold, there’s a freshly brewed application that can literally help you keep track of all your wants by giving you a timeline of your progress.

Interested on finding out what is all about and how it can help you set your eyes on the prize? Then read more of this iOS app review after the jump.

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iExplorer HD: A Multi-Purpose File Management Tool

Now that 2012 is drawing a close, it’s safe to assume that a new year means better business.

One of the good things about the current technology available at our fingertips will always be mobility. Nowadays we only have to take our mobile device (read: iPad) with us to access work-related files in a jiffy.

When it comes to managing files, Zhigang Chen’s iExplorer HD takes things to another level as it lets you access plenty of your files and lets you complete tasks anywhere you go.

iExplorer HD allows you to connect to remote servers such as Dropbox, Google Docs, WebDAV, and even SkyDrive. The productivity app is packed with features for your business as it is essentially a key to all the files you’ve got tucked somewhere. Reading files (including eBooks!) can take bit of time, though, since you will need to fully understand how the entire business application works and what it can do for you.

And once you’ve successfully synced your files, you can always view files offline if the server is not reachable.

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App Review: Photo Printing + Mail Delivery

This digital age where everything is contained in cyberspace to be immortalized as long as the internet exists makes tangible things slant toward the obsolete side. It’s too obvious a scene that no soul can possibly claim the opposite. However convenient and clutter-free we may be because of the efficient cloud storages at our disposal, there will always be a file or a photo that’s much better appreciated if printed.

Bulky photo albums that used to be piled up under the center table in the living room are being replaced by digital albums on Facebook or other social networking sites whathaveyou. Instead of flipping pages and pages of the past, all we do now is click ourselves away. There’s no question about the convenienve technology brings because photos are probably safer in an invisible storage. But if you prefer images that are printed out, then you might wanna check this app called .

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iOS App Review: Scriptus – quick and easy note-taking

Got something to say? Are you the type of person who is better with written notes rather than talking or giving speeches? Are you also one of those people who just can’t seem to stop themselves from jotting down their ideas, creating stories, and portraying a good student image by scribbling down the lessons? Well, regardless of who you are or whatever your mission may be this is your lucky day. If you are looking for an app that will help you solve your troubles in note-taking, then I suggest you continue reading this iOS app review. Let’s play with words and say your thoughts through Scriptus.

is the perfect app for all note-takers or simply for those people who like writing notes. Scriptus is a productivity application that lets you take quick and beautiful notes easily. Developed by Paulo Freitas, this iOS app is a specifically designed for all people who are keen in putting their thoughts and ideas into words. Ideally because of modern technology instead of bringing notebooks and pens, all you have to do now is to download the Scriptus app. With Scriptus, you can finally bid goodbye to the traditional pen and paper style of note-taking and say hello to computerized written notes using your handy dandy iPad.

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