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Experience Serenity with Relax – Stress and Anxiety Relief

We need to do different things in life in order to survive. We have to study to earn a degree and work to have a stable income. Sometimes we overplay our tasks which lead us to stress and anxiety attacks. I admit I experience that at least once a month. I fall short on focus, feel lightheaded, and get sick. I have a habit of going to spas and have an hour of massage to calm my nerves and help me relax. But, what if you don’t have time and enough money to visit the spa?

Leave the anxiety blues behind, there is an app that will help you have a tranquil experience. Relax – Stress and Anxiety Relief app is the help you need to get your focus back and experience serenity whenever and wherever you want. All you need to do is go through the relax process of the app, and you will no longer need to go back to the spa again.

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Have You Taken Your Daily Dose of Sarcasm?

Admit it, there are days when you don’t want to talk to anyone. You feel like nobody is worth your time. Hence, you stood inaudible eluding the world. Sometimes, even awkwardly silent until an exasperating person approaches, and starts having a peculiar discussion with you. I know, you would have told him “leave me alone.” Instead, you offered a sarcastic remark.

“I will be sarcastic until further notice.” Sometimes I abide with that rule. Not because I just want to be like a revolting creature to everyone. There are just days where I don’t function on a typical frequency. The most aggravating situations occasionally transpire on days where you are not in the frame of mind. Hence, sarcasm comes out. If you are the type of person who have those days on a fixed basis, like probably the entire week, then I think we have the perfect app for you. Or do you still even need this?

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Roundup: My First List of Must-Have iOS Applications

Aside from gaining popularity, being a part of the in-group, and achieving business pleasures that modern gadgets provide, another reason why people tend to buy them is because of the entertainment that they bring. No matter how expensive gadgets are nowadays, the price can’t stop people from splurging themselves with such luxuries. People of all ages, kids and adults, use modern devices including computers, smart phones, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for both work and play.

Most of us spend as much as eight to twelve hours a day to work. Some would even go loco and make it as a double shift. We work to earn money so we can suffice our needs and pamper ourselves once in a while. And for those people who tend to turn their offices as their new homes, they treat their handy-dandy mobile phones or iPads as stress relievers.

Same thing goes for our beloved kiddos. Adults usually let children use and play the apps installed on their devices to save their kids from boredom and stop them from having tantrums. In return, kids are silently getting addicted and too attached with modern technology that they tend to spend more time facing their personal computers or tapping endlessly on their tablets.

A great number of applications are created for entertainment and educational purposes. We just have to choose wisely. A friendly reminder: weigh each application before you install them on your devices. Always ask yourself this question: is this beneficial for me, my kids, and my younger siblings? It doesn’t matter if you can avail them at no charge, what more if they will cost you some bucks. I bet you wouldn’t want yourself wasting time and lose a good amount of memory space, right? So before you curse yourself and have regrets in the end, take time to read this iOS app review as I will present you with five must-try or should I say must-have applications for iOS devices.

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Call Me? TU Me!

Who doesn’t love keeping in touch with their loved ones? If we have all the means, most of us would spend an entire day talking to every single one of them. What if the barrier is distance? Are you willing to spend a hefty sum of money just to call or leave them a message every single day?

TU me is the app that will break that common barrier. Wherever you are in the world, you can still communicate with your loved ones for free. You no longer need to pay the expensive phone bill just to talk to them; all you need is one app that will provide everything for you.

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GO SMS Themes: For Ladies, Music Enthusiasts, and Beach Bums

It’s no doubt that most of us nowadays are really attached to modern technology. And generally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, we are able to easily finish the tasks assigned to us because of it. Hail those tech geniuses!

Because of the deep involvement we have with our most cherished gadgets, some of us even end up buying a variety of high-end accessories or installing the best apps available in the market. We tend to dress up our gadgets in every possible way that we can. Addiction? Some probably will say “yes”, but I would like to think that it’s just a part of the thrill that technology has entailed to us. Along with this “hobby”, as I may say, here are some of the cool themes that you can install on your Android devices. With GO SMS apps, developed by, your treasured phones will get additional color and flavor in no time.

GO SMS Pro Lady Club Getjar Theme, GO SMS Pro M-Party Getjar Theme, and GO SMS Pro Ocean Theme.

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Beauty Care Through Vitamins: Ways to Achieve Natural Beauty

All of us yearn to look youthful and beautiful. We try to uncover different ways to achieve the youthful face and body. Nonetheless, natural methods are still considered as the best fix and the safest approach in achieving a radiant face and body.

Beauty Care Through Vitamins will help you unfold the natural ways to be beautiful. It will unravel the secrets of natural resources that provide vitamins and minerals we need to attain a youthful glow. Beauty Care Through Vitamins app covers all the basic health and beauty facts we need in just one app. Now you can relinquish patronizing expensive chemical based beauty products and just turn to natural ways.

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100,000 Free Books Wattpad: Read No Boundaries

is an app by that contains thousands of reading material in one device. Create your own library with this quick and handy application by downloading wattpad in just one tap.

From gigantic pile of books to an electronic book, the ease of reading is now possible with the use of the latest innovations in technology. Wattpad app let users experience the pleasure of reading diverse stories with different genre coming from various authors worldwide.

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Speak Of The Daily Devil

Are you tired of hearing the typical old and boring quotes intended for the philosophical goody-two-shoes? Well, a bit of wisdom from the “kinder” wise ones couldn’t hurt but what do we know, even the devil can provide us with clever words. Yep! The devil.  Some proverbs contain anecdotes pertaining to the devil and the world we live in. Because admittedly, there is just a vast devil population in the world we exist in.

One of my favourite devil quotes is the one coined by my literary god, Oscar Wilde. Wilde said, “We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell”. See. Ain’t that just the truth? Wise words, friends. We all have our innate cheekiness and in this world, we just have to know how to use it wisely. Now, if you’re like me and you’re also into some nebulous but intelligent everyday quotes, then I think you should give the devil his due and download this app called . Read more

Daily Cardio Workout: Your Own Personal Trainer

It’s time for another health and fitness application review. Let’s start flexing those muscles again. Are you ready? On the count of three: 1, 2, and 3… let’s do this!

I shared with you before the secret to having round buttocks, simply by using the Daily Butt Workout app. Have you tried it already? Not yet? Don’t waste a minute longer, try it now! And aside from having “bootylicious” butts, you can also have a healthy body with the help of another application called Daily Cardio Workout.

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Meet Every Geek’s Best Friend, WolframAlpha

What would you do with near-infinite knowledge right in the palm of your hands?

Prepare yourself as the updated Wolfram|Alpha mobile app is capable of generating information that you need on the go. As a superbrain, it can act as a reliable calculator, music database, encyclopedia, stock tracker, dictionary, table of elements and even as a currency converter.

The logo just about says it all.

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