Abitalk Combines 4th Grade Science and Reading Comprehension in One App

It’s always great to find app developers that consider practicality and entertainment when producing educational applications for kids. Children will always be known for having short attention spans, and it usually takes a hug bag of patience just to help children to learn usually boring subjects.

Since word recognition and analysis are skills that young students need to learn early on, regular reading and guidance are keys to proficiency. As someone who loved reading classics back in the day, I for one would love to share my love for reading with my little kids in the future. But of course, not everyone enjoys reading about a little girl who found a secret garden or even a lengthy book that discusses free will and morality, right?

So what will any discriminating parent find if they downloaded an app on reading comprehension for 4th graders? Applatter will show you after the jump!

Reading Made More Fun

Abitalk’s 4th Grade Science Reading Comprehension kicks reading comprehension up a notch by featuring twenty stories that are all about science. The app not only sufficiently nurtures children’s ability to recognize words quickly and effortlessly, but improves their understanding of the world as well.

Science Taught with a Twist

With this app, you not only teach your kid science, but you also develop his reading, vocabulary, comprehension and even pronunciation skills.

Tapping on a word enables the app to play audio and teach kids the proper pronunciation of the word!

An Easy Way to Measure Children’s Progress

Each story introduces new words and concepts through science, and the words used won’t overwhelm someone from 4th grade. The exercises available help gauge the amount of knowledge that children have acquired from reading the stories.

Exercises usually involve multiple choice questions, but the app spices things up a bit with matching exercises and true or false questions thrown in for good measure.

Hones Self-Paced Learning

Just like the other educational applications under the Abitalk Education System, the app remembers the performance of each child and provides detailed reports on the child’s progress. Progress reports can still be sent out to any parent, guardian or teacher, helping them foster good reading habits while ensuring the development of each and every child that uses the application. The information detailing each student’s progress–including the images, questions, user accounts and reports–can be synced via a cloud computing platform (Dropbox), so you can import all the necessary data to a different iPad.

The 4th Grade Science Reading Comprehension app also allows for an unlimited number of accounts to be created. Parents will be able to use the app for their first-born and their younger children, and teachers will be able to use the applications with their first batch of  students and the next.

Encourages Personalization

Of course, time will come that students will have successfully learned the basics about the elements, atoms, molecules, static electricity, solar energy and the rest of the topics available in the app.

Parents, guardians and teachers–any adult, in fact–can create and add their own stories for a more personal touch. If English is their second language, why not include stories in their mother tongue? Images and questions can also be included in each new story.

Final Thoughts

The app definitely gives value for your money as it lets you hit two birds with one stone. For only , you get to nourish children’s minds and help them find their love of reading and science!

Elijah Monroe

For more than three years, Elijah Monroe has worked as a researcher and writer for various technology blogs. He freelances now for various local websites.

Abitalk Combines 4th Grade Science and Reading Comprehension in One App
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