Make Your Kids An Alphabet Whiz With Alphabet Jumbled

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Help your kids master the alphabet as easy as a pie with Alphabet Jumbled!

Parents, educators and guardians will absolutely appreciate the challenges that crop up when kids start with their pre-schooling. So why not get some frontline action by probably teaching them some of the basics such as the alphabet?

Educating kids all about it used to involve glossy books or plastic blocks back then. But of course, it isn’t complete without you—as the parent or the teacher– throwing in lots of patience. The latter has remained unchanged across generations up to this age. But due to the unceasing development of technology, a lot of new teaching tools are made to aid you in expanding your kiddo’s knowledge of the English alphabet.

However, for kids learning the alphabet isn’t exactly as easy as A-B-C. Even though you and I may have mastered the alphabet from books or television, the “digital age” generation seems to be naturally drawn to anything that’s interactive. Given such, it would be more practical perhaps to head towards a smartphone or a tablet rather than a children’s bookstore.

Educational apps have spawned rapidly on the app market although only a few offers entertainment and one of which is .

Let your kids start off with a very simple way to learn ABC’s, yet in a colorful manner with . It is an educational app created by Pixel Interactive where kids can practice their alphabet with their magical multi-touch device.

Kiducational Features

Know your ABC!

…the fun way.  This feature allows kids to recognize the 26 letters of the alphabet. Tapping on each letter is accompanied by a sound effect and the pronunciation of it. Besides that, it teaches children basic letter sound by means of phonics.

ABC Flash Card

This provides alphabet flash cards that associate letters with words, such as “A for Apple” and “F for Flower”. Each letter is accompanied by eye candy illustrations making kids pay heed to learn and be familiar with the ABCs in an easy manner.

Easy Jumble

Now it gets more entertaining with this element as kids begin to un-jumble 5 letters of the alphabet. It’s easy peasy: Kids just need to drag and drop the letters to re-arrange them in the correct alphabetical order.  It’s even manageable because the letters that need to be arranged are presented with dashed lines making it sort of a hint. This one will test your kid’s mental ability to identify the right alphabetical order of the letters.

Jumble A-Z

This part takes the challenge to another level as the letters are not arranged in their proper alphabetical order. It is up to the kids to re-arrange them in the shortest time possible. So how will they do that? It’s simple! Re-arrange the alphabetical letters by dragging it and slotting it between two other letters to swap their places. There’s a demonstration in the help option at the upper left if ever kids get stumped on that particular stage.

Jumble Challenge

In this round, the letters of the alphabet again are jumbled. Kids must re-arrange them in only a given amount of time. However, this one’s a bit stimulating compared to Jumble A-Z, since there’s this greedy fish that bites 10 seconds off your time limit.

A Delightful Treat For Kids

Teaching the kids has never been this easy with these fun steps of learning the alphabet. With its simple operation and kid-friendly interface, the youngsters can develop their sense of sight, hearing, and touch, in a more interactive way.

What I truly admire in the app are the letters that are made as vivid and “real” as possible with its cute and multi-colored design. What’s more charming about it is that you can alter its design.  It’s definitely an attention-grabber along with its exquisite backdrops. And oh, I find it really cool whenever you drag letters down, you’ll hear their sounds voiced.

Overall, it has a bevy of appealing features that focus on letter recognition and helps kids identify alphabets more effectively. This kiducational app combined learning, interaction and skill building with fun. Hence, this alternative is a great primer for a young child.

Final Thoughts

could provide the right spark to take your kids from pre-schoolers to scholars. That’s too early to predict, I know, but this app has a good balance of concept and execution, I must say. It trains kids to learn alphabets in the most entertaining way, and we’re all aware that it’s no easy task to keep them attentive. Your little ones might have some fun while learning and maybe you can enjoy teaching them too. Perhaps the only thing that you have to worry about is chocolate smudges on the screen of your smartphones or tablets.

Allowing your pre-schooler to practice his or her ABCs will cost you $1.99. Cheap enough, I tell you, considering the fact that it offers beyond fun, it hones your kid’s ability to learn.

If you want to try it without shelling out a dime, then download the FREE version called .

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Make Your Kids An Alphabet Whiz With Alphabet Jumbled
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