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Engage your kids senses with Fido's Magic Soundbox!

Kids these days are VERY curious. By this means they play with whatever they can get a grip of or ask bizarre questions that are sometimes beyond our comprehension. Also, they tend to get fascinated easily with sounds they hear. Once they perceive an obscure sound, they react in many different ways such as being exasperated, ecstatic, frightened and the like. Nonetheless, don’t you think it’s a good idea to engage their senses early with an educational app?

from the makers of qualitative educational apps, Pixel Interactive, is an app that has a phonics program that teaches kids some basic sound relationships through fun games. If you’ve visited places with Fido (remember the app review for Fido Goes Places DX?), then you’ll probably learn to love this kiddie app about sounds– be it around the house, transportation, sports, animals and among others.

A great way to build the foundation skills of your kids is to engage the tots to such educational app that’s sure to loosen up their brain. Read more about this iOS app review after the break.

has the following features:

  • 6 categories of sound library (Bedroom, Kitchen, Outdoor, Sports, Transport, Animals)- This portion allows kids to browse through 65+ photos of items that exhibits its corresponding sound effects. This one’s an effective tool to familiarize your kids with how objects actually sounds like.
  • Quiz and learn in What’s that sound- Now this is the fun part. It lets your kids test their ability to recognize sounds by solving a brain stimulating quiz. The app will emit a sound and it’s up to your kiddo to  choose the correct answer among the 3 choices given below.
  • Form pictures and make sounds in jigsaw puzzles- This is yet another engaging game in the app. This particular test will tease the brain and challenge the wits of your child as they solve a jigsaw puzzle. The objective of it is to fit the pieces of puzzles into their respective pattern places. It also has additional 2 difficulty levels.


Overall, this educational app is simple yet informative and entertaining. The added features of playing jigsaws and quizzes to familiarize your tots with the sounds made by different objects increases their brain activity. Not to mention, its engrossing gameplay of sort makes it more enjoyable for kids to learn different sounds. It doesn’t have to be complicated to actually make them learn a thing or two, it just takes this simple app to hear your plea of infusing knowledge to their brain.

is without a doubt perfect for beginners and of course for techy savvy tots that are in the stage of learning basic stuff of sight and hearing.

If you want to have another fun and engaging activity to do with your little ones in your free time, you should think about trying this app. Download it via for only $0.99.

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App Review: Fido’s Magic Soundbox
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