App Review: Kids 1st Shape Puzzle – Learn Animals, Alphabets, Numbers

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Gil Weiss

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On September 19, 2012
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Another exemplary educational application by Gil Weiss, Kids 1st Shape Puzzle, is perfect for kids ages 3 onwards. Enhance your kids' motor skills through this app!

Gone are the days when technology can only be comprehended by those with the longer stay in the planet because the world seemed to have turned upside down. The “old timers” are somewhat evading technology while the “fresh bloods” are exposed to it even before they can open their eyes. Indeed, there’s no running away from it so why not utilize it for purposes that can have a long-term effect on your children? Instead of making them play endless runner games that gives them nothing in return, let them play colorful and educational applications in which they can get lots of lessons from and have fun while at it as well.

The Applatter team has reviewed quite a number of apps for kids and in addition to the growing list, here’s another app which can act as a fun and educational distraction for your little kiddos! This application called Kids 1st Shape Puzzle – Learn Animals, Alphabets, Numbers won’t be just a color-filled game but also a kid-ucational one! No need to worry that your kids are being glued to your tablets for hours because with apps like this, their logic and skills can be enhanced.

It’s fun to see little kids enjoy themselves with things that are educational rather than seeing them fighting with others over a joystick. I have more than a dozen niece and nephews and believe me when I tell you that they’d rather play brutal games or car racing apps on their PSPs rather than watch Dora the Explorer or the Discovery Channel. Such pity I feel for their parents (my cousins) because they seem to lack control over their children. So, to all Applatter readers out there who are parents as well, don’t play victim of the negative effects of technology on the young minds of your children because it can also be a great weapon as you guide your little ones on reaching their full potential.

If you’ve had enough of your toddler creating chaos whenever he’s bored, then I suggest you download applications for kids which are informational, fun, and colorful!

Kids 1st Shape Puzzle – Learn Animals, Alphabets, Numbers

Developed by Gil Weiss, the application already garnered an Educational Award for its outstanding graphics and kid-friendly puzzles. As there are two languages available on the app namely, English and Hebrew, kids from all over the planet and of course, the ones living in the Hebrew-speaking nations will surely appreciate the application.

Colorful Features

Basically, the application is a puzzle and jigsaw-solving game perfect for kids 3 years old and above. Each puzzle has more or less 26 pieces in which the player must place the right piece on its corresponding dock. Much like the Trucks and Things That Go app, also created  by Weiss, we’ve reviewed a few weeks back.

There are different themes of the puzzles so expect your children to not let go of your device that easily. Here are the included themes:

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Safari Animals
  • Sea Animals
  • Alphabet (in English or in Hebrew)
  • Numbers
  • Transportation
  • Musical Instruments
  • Emotions
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Toys
  • House and Clothing

As for the sound scoring, it’s just as fantastic. After a puzzle piece is correctly placed, you’ll hear the object’s sound. For the animals puzzle, your children can hear the various sounds made by different species of animals while in the transportation puzzles, you can expect a lot of honking!

End Note

I’ll give the app 5 stars for its colorful yet simple user interface alongside the superb background sound effects. Kids will surely have a fit of laughter and excitement with this application! Definitely, I’ll recommend this to my cousins because it’s never too late to teach your kids something, right?

The numerous praises the app received from those who have already downloaded the app reflects how useful and download-worthy it is so go ahead and have it for your kids as well!  and is compatible with iPads and iPhones. For more updates, do visit their .

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App Review: Kids 1st Shape Puzzle – Learn Animals, Alphabets, Numbers
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