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Help Rex unleash the food codes and stop the Foodbot from scaring people!

I can only imagine how hard it must be for parents when they are desperately willing their kids to eat every healthy foods that are available for consumption. But of course, being the kids that they are, they will prefer munching the unhealthy than stomach the healthy veggies. The temptation of gobbling every sugary candy and junk food out there is omnipresent in a kid’s  time of life. And while stopping them from their juvenile enjoyment can be hard and hurtful for parents (because depriving your kids from the things that will make them happy is a trifling heartbreak, dramatic or not), it’s the parent’s duty to feed their kids the right stuff and let them grow brighter and fitter!

Maybe, if parents will try incorporating a little helpful entertainment to their kid’s awareness regarding nutritious foods, the kids might actually be lured to eat some of the greenest and most nutritional nibbles. And since nutrition mixed with kiddie entertainment can be one of the keys to help your kids become young, sturdy wonders, this nutritional kiddie app called might just be an awesome help.

RexNFoodbot follows the story of a healthy, green, paper cut-out scientist named Rex. Because Rex is a nourishment-obsessed boffin, he decided to invent a Foodbot that could produce healthy yet tasty foods. An accident occurred while he was programming which resulted to the Foodbot being misprogrammed, and turned into a producer of unhealthy junk foods. Rex tried to stop the mad Foodbot from his unpleasant deeds but the “stop” button wouldn’t work.

The Foodbot set out to bring chaos to the healthy lives of people using the different junk foods that it generated from Rex’s laboratory. The only way to stop Foodbot from scattering ill junk food into the world is to let scientist Rex encrypt 6 codes into the Foodbot. And this is where the youngster’s help will be needed.

RexNFoodbot is an iOS application from. This kiddie app features a series of games with different gameplays to engage the kiddie users and help them know the difference of healthy foods from junk food. The levels all feature Rex (with some of his friends in other levels) trying to catch all the healthy foods to unleash the code that can help stop the mad Foodbot.

The game offers different gameplays with different controls like tapping, sliding of objects, and even tilting.  Instructions will be shown in every level which will give the young players an idea of how to help Rex gain a code, and how to separate the healthy and unhealthy foods. Educational trivia will also be shown on-screen before each game, and after the player obtained the code to help the kiddie players have a knowledge of what healthy foods can do to a kid. For example, after the player earned the code for the 1st level, an info like this will pop up: “Blueberry can keep your eyes healthy.”

The first level shows Rex in front of the Baggage Conveyor Belt of an airport. The controls in this level are quite easy as the players only need to drag the oranges to Rex’s waiting mouth. The next level shows Rex and his friend in an Airport Departure Area. Again, in this level, players will need to drag Rex and his friend to the center of the screen to catch the falling healthy foods. You are allowed to make three mistakes in these levels. The error count can be seen on the upper right corner of the screen.

Some levels feature a puzzle maze gameplay, and others will show Rex fielding or blocking the junk foods using an umbrella or a frying pan while also clearing his sight to catch the healthy goodies. The puzzle maze levels can be tougher for kids because those games are timed. Careful maneuvering is also required in this type of gameplay.

RexNFoodbot’s engaging gameplay and educational features will certainly help kids develop an interest for nutritional foods. With this app installed on your iPads, parents will have a good aid right on the palm of their hands.


- Funny characters with comical facial expression, voice and appearance
- 7 playful activities to play with – teach kids to classify different nutrient foods and the nutrient’s functions
- 7 delighting scenery
- Attractive original artwork
- Kid- friendly interface
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchase

Rex “the green boffin” for the win!

This educational app can be very helpful for kids. Indeed.

The interesting games can get your kids hooked for a couple of hours, while the trivia overload will help them have a knack for nourishment and the good nibbles. The paper cut-out style of  graphics can be quite weird, especially when the weird blue phantom-like friend joins Rex in finding the code. But I can imagine that typical aesthetic might work for kids.

The puzzle maze can be quite hard for kids because the controls need perfect maneuvering. And the fact that you’re only given, what, 60 seconds?–it’s a bit perplexing. Oh well. That’s the challenge, I guess.

The objective of RexNFoodbot is truly admirable. Their aim in instilling great nutritional awareness to kids is truly timely and helpful. Parents might want to consider this when you’re searching the app store for games for kids. This deserves a spot on my list of “great apps for learning.” Good job.


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App Review: RexNFoodbot
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