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On September 7, 2012
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Let your kids learn transportation names and sounds with this educational app called Truck and Things That Go.

Ask your little monster his interests and for sure playing with cars, planes, or any other moving objects will be a part of his I-want-this-and-that list. Kids, in general, adore big things for some reasons which we don’t totally understand. They are greatly attracted to those vehicles they see on land, water, air, or even in television shows and books. We, on the other hand, enjoy seeing them looking amazed and ecstatic every time they see a car, ship, train, airplane, or any other modes of transportation. With this idea, why don’t we let our little darlings have a closer look and know more things about these “big toys”. Impossible? Too dangerous? Well, not with this app called .

Trucks and Things That Go is a game application specifically designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users. Developed by Gil Weiss, this educational and entertaining talking shape puzzle app is best suited for kids ages two to five. Trucks and Things That Go allows your kids to explore the wonders of learning transportation names and sounds at any time and any place. This app is packed with a number of colorful puzzles featuring the fastest, biggest, and most amazing vehicles in the world.


  • It introduces the world’s most interesting vehicles grouped into eight categories including trucks, construction vehicles, trains, emergency autos, and other sea-, land-, and air-based transportations.
  • It comes in two languages. Your little ones can listen and learn words in English or Hebrew.
  • It teaches your kids the names and sounds of the vehicles just by tapping the photo and completing the puzzle pieces correctly.

The Gameplay

To play this kid-ucational app, all you have to do is to touch the colored image displayed at the center of the screen and match it to the correct shadow at the back. To hear its name, just tap the colored photo. Once you have successfully placed the puzzle piece, you will immediately hear the moving sound of that specific vehicle. Do the same with the rest of the images until you’re able to completely finish the whole puzzle. Right after the end of the game you will hear cheers and applauses indicating that you did a great job. Amusing note: you can hear the names of the vehicles again just by tapping the completed puzzles one by one. This serves as the review part wherein your kids will finally be able to fully recognize the lessons he just learned.


It has a clean and simple interface. The graphics are creatively done—colorful pictures and very nice background. Overall, the app looks fresh and appealing. Its vibrant colors and amusing images will surely capture your kid’s attention and heart in an instant.

The Verdict

If you want your kids to enrich their vocabulary bank and improve their comprehension skill about vehicle types, then allow them to play Trucks and Things That Go this instant. Personally, I think that this is a must-try app. Let your little darlings experience the fun of learning while playing with this one-of-a-kind application.

Download today for only $1.99.

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App Review: Trucks and Things That Go
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