Chinese Pinyin Game: Improve Your Listening Skills!

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Learn how to properly pronounce pinyin with the fun Chinese Pinyin Game.

Learning Mandarin Chinese is now easier with a handy educational app you can find on iTunes! The Chinese Pinyin Game, also known as Pinyin Master, lets you learn the different syllables and pronunciations common in Mandarin, and drastically improve your abilities to discern the meaning of a word based on the little nuances in the sound.

Mandarin Chinese has got to be one of the toughest languages to learn, what with thousands of characters you will need to study and the accompanying pronunciations you need to understand. You will need to understand the difference between the aspirated and unaspirated /b/ sound, for instance.

Then you need to make sure to be careful with the diacritics that mark the four tones. There’s the first tone, second tone third tone, fourth tone and even a neutral tone just to make things worse for people who wish to learn the Hanyu Pinyin system let alone the entire Mandarin.

What We Love

The Chinese Pinyin Game is great for beginners in that they will be able to reduce their error rate when listening and participating in conversations in Chinese. The educational app even comes with a handy information button that teaches users how to navigate the application. The graphics are simple, yet enough to make learning a new language fun and engaging. And it also helps that the app is available for FREE!

Just imagine how incredibly useful this app is even for advanced learners of Mandarin Chinese. Frequently listening to the recorded words can boost your listening skills and help improve your pronunciation. Studying and reviewing pinyin won’t be such a daunting or boring task anymore.

The three quizzes included are also tough!

Having studied basic Mandarin in the past, I already know the difference between /ch/ and /zh/ on paper. And I already know how difficult it is for people whose native language is by no means Chinese. Listening closely to the different sounds through the Chinese Pinyin Game really helps.

The “Choose One” game challenges your listening skills quite a bit!

To brush up on your pinyin, a Pinyin Chart teaches the different syllables you need to learn and the different pronunciations of each syllable. With the five tones, you can be certain that the syllable “ba” for instance has different meanings too.


Can you believe just how useful this FREE app is? Harness your potential, improve your your Chinese exponentially and commit hundreds of Chinese words to memory with the Chinese Pinyin Game.


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Chinese Pinyin Game: Improve Your Listening Skills!
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