Explore Mathematics with Counting Numbers 123 HD

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Learn how to count with Counting Numbers 123 HD!

When kids begin early with their understanding and recognition of numbers, they can easily  then have a comprehensive ability to learn the more complex concepts of mathematics. It is like a stair step of knowledge that must be taught to them in order for them to keep up and eventually learn the mathematical ability of how to add or even subtract. Given that, using interactive objects for kids can be good starters for number recognition since they are usually stimulated by such things.

Encourage your child to count and introduce the idea of numbers to your child by a kid-utainment app called .

 by Pixel Interactive (Little Learning Tots) is an interactive educational app that allows your kids to master counting from 1 to 10 and practice basic mathematics such as addition and subtraction. The app basically provides 5 activities where children learn numbers and the fundamentals of mathematics.

Counting with Molly

-Learn to count and identify numbers from 1 to 10 with Molly.

Counting Activity

- Interact with Molly by clicking and giving a particular number of balloons asked by her.

Addition Activity

-Bring the correct number of balloons to be added to Molly’s by clicking on them. To remove a balloon, just click on it to pop it. Afterwards, click on the correct answer card and bring it to the answer box and tap it again.

Subtraction Activity

-Take away the correct number of balloons from Molly by clicking on it. When you are finished, click on the correct answer card and bring it to the answer box once again and tap it.

The Number Ramba

-Sing along with the band composed of polar bears and penguins as they teach you the numbers and reinforce counting process.


The Mathematical Experience

 is a tool that encourages learning numbers in an interactive fun way and helps build kids’ basic math skills. Besides its impressive graphics and animation, in general, I highly recommend it for kids, why? Here, let me count the ways: First, it’s a great instrument to put kids on the path to math literacy because it doesn’t just teach them about numbers, but it also ignites their mathematical thinking. Other than that, it provides a concept where children can easily understand the mere idea that adding more objects (i.e. balloons) increases the number counted (whereas removing objects decreases the amount). Lastly, it delivers an opportunity to explore and practice numbers by means of a catchy song that’s a sure hit with kids.

Avail the app for $1.99 on the and let your kids explore numbers!

If your kids are just starting to learn how to count, you may want to try Learn to Count HD.

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Explore Mathematics with Counting Numbers 123 HD
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