Destructive Creativity by Wreck This App

Have you ever experienced the moment of being unable to express words appropriately? Or times when you completely lose that train of thought and you’re left there with your mouth hanging open? Writer’s block, best known as the boulder of incoherent ideas blocking the opening of a cave filled with mountains of creativity, happens to the most brilliant of people. Some people resort to simply blocking themselves off from the world hoping that the streak of creativity hits them at another time. Well, for those who simply aren’t gifted with patience then the journal by Keri Smith is perfect for you.

“Wreck This Journal” is the book best known as the creativity booster and excuse to be creatively destructive. It is a great way to start thinking out of the box – more suitably, outside margins and lines. Though the book is easily purchasable over a hundred bookstores, some people who don’t have the time or the “effort” to carry one simple book will be happy to hear there has already been an app created that perfectly resembles Keri Smith’s book.

Introducing Wreck this App. New and noteworthy–literally–the app offers you a creative outlet when you have nothing left in you. Tap into your creative side with destructive and mess-making abilities only this app can provide. Filled with over 50 prompts and drawing tools, the app allows you to draw, smudge, smear, scribble and tear. The best part about the app is you can always start over unlike having the actual book where a “redo” button isn’t readily available.

What I have learned from the app is that being destructive can actually inspire bouts of creativity. $5 may be too much for an app but it’s definitely worth the try. The app is especially helpful during those times when we lose the creative streak that we need so much in our daily lives.

Give yourself the reason to be completely chaotic and try out the app now! Wreck Your App is available for $4.99 on the App Market and is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS of 3.1.3 or later.

Devin Cross

Nurse by profession. Writer at heart. Food Lover. Closet Otaku.

Destructive Creativity by Wreck This App
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One comment on “Destructive Creativity by Wreck This App

  1. This one is really interesting. But you have to be careful not to wrck your phone too! hehe
    I really hope it was for free though.


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