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On August 10, 2012
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Learn to mix your own cocktails with this free iOS app.

Weekends can also mean big time partying to those with a booming night life. With friends here and there and drinks everywhere, the fun will never stop as long as you’re enveloped with the latest club music and you have a cocktail glass in hand. But hitting the club is not your last resort when yearning for those mixed alcoholic beverages because you can now mix your own drinks if you want to bring the party to your place. All you need is your smartphone and the  app!

For . (Free)

We all know that mixing drinks is not an easy job. You have to be precise with the measurements of the ingredients and the number of shakes must also be controlled. But if you’re too lazy to go out on a Friday night but you feel like sipping a Blue Hawaii cocktail just to get your spirits up, then maybe you should go ahead and mix the drink on your own. So skim through this iPhone app review if you’re searching for an app that can turn you into an instant bartender.

JS900 has created an app that will show you every single step on how to make your favorite mix. will present you with twenty cocktail recipes that will definitely get you tipsy.

Here’s the cocktail recipe list included in the app:

  1. Beach Bum Bob
  2. Jager Bomb
  3. Liquid Cocaine
  4. Tantric Kiss
  5. Blue Hawaii
  6. Midori Sour
  7. Daiquiri
  8. Tequila Sunrise
  9. Mojito
  10. Scooby Snack
  11. Peppermint Patti
  12. Appletini
  13. Sex On The Beach
  14. Blood and Sand
  15. Oat Meal Cookie
  16. Zombie
  17. 1984 Victory Gin
  18. Pink Lady
  19. Jolly Rancher
  20. Mai Tai

Alongside the recipes are instructional videos! Now that’s more like it! Because admit it, following a recipe takes a lot of skill but following a video lessens the burden.

Now who says you need a bartender to do all this?

All you need is the app and you’re set to have that house party you’ve been planning. Just make sure that you’ve practiced well enough! And do check out the following app reviews by the Applatter team on other drink-mixing applications:

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End Note

The app’s very simple user interface may be its downfall because people might opt for the fancy looking applications instead of this. A little more color and some effects here and there wouldn’t hurt. But contentwise,  is a good instructional app for the cocktail fanatics and especially for those who are learning the basics of bar tending.

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Drink Up With “Learn To Make Cocktails”
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