Fido Goes Places DX: Expanding Your Child’s Vocabulary

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On October 3, 2012
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Join in an adventure to build your kid's vocabulary with Fido Goes Places DX!

Isn’t it delightful to see your little angels cooing and babbling their simple utterances? Yet later on before we know it,  their conversation skills have already grown enormously. Now with , a fun educational app by Pixel Interactive, building your kid’s vocabulary is now as easy as pie.

At an early age, parents and educators must instill in them the richness of vocabulary. Language is not just talking or about mere conversation, it is where thoughts also emanate. Hence, developing it is essential for them to have a deeper conceptual understanding. Not to mention, language actually drives cognitive development,  kids then can fully express themselves much better if they have the necessary skill.

Harking back, with the help of our friendly monkey, Fido (Remember him from Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt?), building your kid’s vocabulary is made even more fun and interactive.

Travel With Fido

Upon opening the app, you’ll see a map. If you tap the “School” setting, it allows your kids to spell out different words. The spelling activity with a total of 90 words allows your child to drag letters to its corresponding slot. It’s a great way to teach your youngsters how to spell out things.

Other than that, this app has other special features, one of which is the seek-and-find gameplay where your kids can embark on an adventure. To play it, kids must select a place to visit on the map– beach, farm, park, shopping mall or carnival. At each landmark, your kids must help Fido locate the items on his list.  The objective here is to collect all 125 items in all 5 places. Simply double tap on the objects to “store” them in the gallery. However, if your kids can hardly find the item, there are 3 hints provided for each gameplay.

Keeping The Little Explorers Entertained

The gameplay is simple yet has a very good educational value. The app becomes your kids’ travel buddy and allows them to literally explore basic words. What I particularly like about it is that it also encourages them to learn more about words in the context of environments. It doesn’t just train kid’s visual observation skills but hastens their memory recall abilities as well by featuring a gallery full of items they’ve recovered from each scene.  It’s one great way to help them have a recap of the things that are familiar to them.

Overall, it is a well designed educational app loaded with colorful themed scenes and animations. Other than that, I commend its audios placed on each item-to-find list  that encourages kids to  repeat the words. Again, I think parental assistance is necessary for kids as some items aren’t that conspicuous and requires some reading.

Final Thoughts

is a highly recommended app that feeds the kids’ minds with basic words, thus improving the development of their cognitive skills. This offers a great balance of education and fun as it has a remarkable influence in teaching kids about vocabulary. Apparently, it acts as flash cards, yet it is integrated with the flair of entertainment by including a hunting game of sorts. Kids will surely have a great time using this app with colorful and bright visuals which provide them concrete information about things. And just like Dora, the explorer, it’s fun to learn with Fido, the monkey! (Or more fun, perhaps?)

Expanding your child’s vocabulary is like expanding their horizon and view of the world. Don’t you think?

Download the app on the or avail their free version called .

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Fido Goes Places DX: Expanding Your Child’s Vocabulary
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