Kids Are Safe and Sound In Maddie and Matt’s Safe World!

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Let your kids know about basic safety know-how with Maddie and Matt's Safe World!

My love for these two cyber kiddie wonders, Maddie and Matt, just grew another notch after I learned that they’re back to share more  practical tips and experiences about their innocent and worthwhile junior time. The first two apps from the Maddie and Matt series, Maddie and Matt Values and Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth, gave kiddie iPad users basic knowledge on how to mold their social manners and environmental practices. The third app from the Maddie and Matt franchise  focuses more on giving kids a knack for their own safety.

, being the newest free app for kids from AppLabs Digital Studios, aims to teach kids basic safety guidelines when they are facing potentially dangerous circumstances. It can be really tough for parents to leave their kids out in the open being clueless and defenseless. Parents will do everything to ensure that their kids are safe in the three-ring circus of classrooms and playgrounds. And while they are not always present to fence a shelterbelt of guidance and protection for their kids, they are still endlessly looking for ways to inject as many safety guidelines and knowledge to their kids as possible.

This is where the aid of Maddie and Matt’s Safe World comes in. With Safe World’s vibrant and witty demonstration of smart and useful dialogues, it is guaranteed that your kids will gather a lot of basic safety know-how from the app. With the addition of fun and educational games ready to pour trivia and information to your kids’ young minds, having Safe World installed on your iPads is the whole nine yards!

Maddie and Matt’s Safe World features an interactive storybook that stars Maddie and Matt as well as some friends. The  educational kid app also consists of several entertaining games and quiz that will not only provide fun for kids, but will also shower them with knowledge and tips. Stories from Maddie and Matt’s ill encounter with a stray dog that is threatening to jump onto them, to avoiding the danger of slippery tiles while in the bathroom make up for a useful method to impart lessons to kids.

Maddie and Matt’s Rough Day

Rough Day is about Maddie and Matt’s different experiences in different places such as school, the soccer field, the bus stop, and even a scene where an earthquake terrifyingly shook their household. This feature shows an interactive storybook complete with smart and informative dialogues and cameos from Maddie and Matt’s friends. This feature also highlights what kids need to do and prepare when they are facing possibly dangerous situations. You will not believe what Maddie and Matt have to go through to learn about different safety and survival tips. With 14 different encounters with potential dangers from a lurking stranger to a natural phenomena such as rains and earthquakes, kids will definitely learn tips on how to make themselves ready should these circumstances come.

Rough Day also shows a scene where Matt has to defend himself and stand up to a bully when the bully tried to get his lunch. Instead of fighting back, Matt decided to tell his teacher about his hounding schoolmate. This scene is important especially now that bullying is rampant in most schools. It’s better if kids know beforehand how they must react when a certain bully is trying to push them around.

An earthquake scene occuring at Maddie and Matt’s home can be very helpful in teaching kids the 411 when it comes to earthquake dos and don’ts. The scene shows Maddie and Matt being asked by their mother to prepare all the necessities needed when an earthquake happens. With the recurring earthquakes happening around the globe, kids can use some pointers even if they are outside the vicinity of their home.


Safety and Survival Kit

This feature lets kids drag all the necessary items into the safety kit in order for them to know what to pack in case of emergency, or when they’re about to venture on an outdoor trip. There are 27 items that kids will need to drag inside the bag. For each correct item dragged inside the safety kit, a trivia will pop on the screen teaching kids the use of that particular item. Emergency essentials from flashlight and compass, to basic first aid requirements such as adhesive bandages and alcohol can be seen in this game. Even the advance widgets like phones and GPS trackers are here.

These emergency staples presented in the game will serve as a useful information for kids  especially when they are wishing to be awarded the Emergency Preparedness badge for boy scouts and girl scouts alike. The primary safety needs that are displayed on the screen are drawn in colorful, detailed graphics. When kids are done dragging all the necessary things inside the safety kit, they can share it on Twitter and Facebook to prompt other kids to do the same thing.


Presence Of Mind (P.O.M.)

P.O.M. is a simple game that teaches kids how to act when a certain hazard is happening inside the house. The idea of the game is to inform kids the basic solution in case of emergency. Kids will need to drag the correct remedy inside the house to prevent the hazard from happening. For each correct item dragged into the right place, a trivia will appear on screen to lecture kids about the use of that particular item.

This game features six areas in the house that are presenting dangerous hazards. For example, the player needs to drag the fire extinguisher into the room that is burning to stop the fire from destroying the house. After the kids finish the game, they can also share this on Twitter and Facebook.



This game is such an entertaining feature for kids. In Jaywalking, kids will need to drag Maddie and Matt along the side of the gutter to stop jaywalkers from passing across the street, and direct them to use the footbridge instead. Players need to lead as many pedestrian as they can within a minute. The game is timed so players need to carefully watch out for passers-by.

Jaywalkers who accidentally crossed the street will be dunked in jail by the cop. Players can share they Jaywalking experience on Twitter and Facebook when they’re done with the game.


Safety Signs

This feature presents a quiz that kiddie players will need to answer. There are 50 questions that are available for players to figure out. The questions are about safety road signs. Kiddie players need to tap on the correct answer to move on to the next question. The questions are also trivial as they give kids an idea of what the road signs mean. Additional information will pop on the screen after each correct answer. With 50 questions informing kids about the importance of following road signs, surely kids are going to be the ones who will be lecturing their parents when they are on the road.


It’s A Safe World After All!

God bless Maddie and Matt’s Safe World! Truly, this is every bit of helpful as basic safety and learning go.

I was having mixed feelings about all the violent incidents that are happening across the globe now. I’m sure we are all aware of these dangers. And we all know that safety measures and precaution for kids have to be doubled; even the parental efforts must be doubled what with all the dangers that are present in this day and age. I’m just too happy that an app company acted on it and developed an educational kid application that will serve as a huge help for kids even in the simplest of scenarios. Safe World will serve as a huge aid in imparting safety guidelines to kids especially when they are out of parental supervision. Safe World is just perfect and timely given that most parents aren’t present to watch their kids’ daily activities because of work engagements.

With buckets of trivia after helpful trivia overflowing in each feature, this app will certainly become beneficial for kids in the long run. The colorful graphics and amazing illustration don’t hurt either. Even the simple kiddie scoring adds to the app’s endearing nature. I’m sorry but after being overexposed to violent apps and stuff, there is no way that Jango can stop purring over this genius kid application! Safe World belongs to the short list of effective learning apps for kids. This educational app can truly edge up in the nation of effective kid apps available now.

The mini games are also entertaining and instructive. Not only budding scout leaders will find the fun in this app, but the ordinary yet adventurous kids as well. Even the parents can learn a lot from this given the abundance of information that are flashing on the screen every time you tap the correct answer.

is one hundred per cent Applatter-approved! This enlightening piece of an app creation will easily contribute to the innocent lives of many kids. We are thanking the developers of this app for amassing a truckload of helpful information for our young prodigies. Maddie and Matt’s Safe World is a safe bet!


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Kids Are Safe and Sound In Maddie and Matt’s Safe World!
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