Learning Tots Animals DX: Encouraging Little Explorers!

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On October 15, 2012
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Teach kids about animals with Learning Tots Animals DX!

Children are innately interested in the nature around them, not to mention, they are equipped with an inbuilt fascination about animals. They usually take great delight about the interaction, survival, and beauty of animals which usually leads their curiosity and imagination into exploring more about them.

But what can kids learn from animals? While broadening their knowledge about them, young learners also build their vocabulary and develop their reading skills. Hence, they only need the opportunity to explore it further, which is why Pixel Interactive (once again) had created a dynamic and interactive educational app for kids.

 is a great addition to the already entertaining, educational series of apps by Pixel Interactive. This app is a fun package to introduce kids to the kingdom of Animalandia. Even without going in the middle of a jungle, children can gain knowledge while having fun exploring about the wild animals with its set of 3 activities (flashcards, puzzles, coloring).

Animal Flash Cards

- Help the little ones familiarise themselves with a few common animals and learn about their names and sounds through flash cards. This section contains illustrations of different animals where they can also hear them calling out in different voices (realistic animal sounds).

Animals and Shapes

- Let children learn to match the shapes found on the animals by dragging and putting the facial features of a particular animal in their proper places with this simple jigsaw-type puzzle.

Animals and Colors

-Have your kids learn the colors found on animals by tapping on the animal. A voice then will prompt to tell the color. Allow them also to unleash their creativity by utilizing the interactive color palette to put their own colors to the animals.


Perfect Combination

This app was set to encourage the youngsters’ interest for animals and I believe they nailed it. Its concept plus colourful, cute illustrations of animals can truly stimulate children, besides it is filled with enormous opportunities for learning and developing their literacy and cognitive skills. This is without a doubt a perfect combination to kid’s natural fascination with animals.

Final Thoughts

 provided both entertainment and an innovative approach for educating kids about animals. With the use of this app, learning about those creatures is now easy for them; however what’s also good about it is that this might also encourage them to respect and appreciate all animals in their later life. Overall, it’s loaded with appealing features at a very reasonable price.

The lion may be king of the jungle, but this app can reign supreme in every kid’s heart.  Now, download the app on the iTunes App Store for $0.99 and let your kids turn into little scientists!

You may also want to try their Free version: .

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Learning Tots Animals DX: Encouraging Little Explorers!
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