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On November 26, 2012
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Organize your notes with!

Post-its and notepads exist not only because they hold important notes for people who love to write on them, but also because they hold dreams of people who believe that jotting down they desired future on notepads can help them acquire those dreams little by little. I remember a friend whose desktop is polluted by multitude of colourful Post-its where most of her dreams lie. She told me that she goes by the classic Laws of Attraction even though she has not attracted a single bit of her aspirations. Some people collect notepads just for the fun of it. And some just want to be so organized and so attuned to their daily activities that they cover their entire refrigerators with sticky notes.

Instead of using too much paper and cluttering your home and the surroundings with actual notepads, why don’t just try the new iPad app called ?! Think of as a funkier notepad for your iPads where you can write down notes (doodle-y or formal), take audio notes, and even export or share your files with other people! Now that is a more trendy and innovative way of making notepads a part of your daily living! ($1.99) is an iOS app from Paulo Freitas which allows users to organize their notes in projects and even add some key features to it. Users can make multiple notes using and even choose from the variety of colorfully designed covers for their folders. There are over 100 designs that you can choose from. These arty covers will help you organize your notes in each folder.

Note it!

  • Organize your notes into different folders
  • Allows making draw notes and pie charts to some of your projects
  • Allows users to create draw notes using different writing tools for a more personalized notes
  • Drag the symbols and buttons to your desired corner in the notes
  • Allows exporting and sharing of text notes, draw notes, and audio notes

Jango notes this!

The developer of this app is very steadfast on making apps for the busy bees and the working folks., being the latest addition to their expanding number of functional apps, makes taking down notes and creating numerical stats through charts easier and faster. Though the features of this app is common now in the app market, the makers managed to outdoes the typical by their series of well-fashioned covers for each folder and their integration of audio notes.

The price of the app is a bit much considering that you can get apps of this kind in the iOS and Android market for free.

The seamless interface is easy on the eyes. Even the kids will certainly enjoy doodling with this. is the app that the usual Post-it-dreamers and college students will enjoy. The app’s feature of allowing users to create pie plots will serve the more mature customers well.


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Make Colorful Notes with!
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