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An exciting and cute way to practice your basic math solving skills.

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Who says educational applications are solely made for the benefit of toddlers and schoolers? Admittedly, there is a great sum of mobile software that are developed for children but let’s not take out the possibility that these apps can catch the interest of adults—with kids or without. I guess the main reasons why grown-ups are getting hooked with applications that are supposed to be for the young ones can be blamed on three factors namely: the game play, user interface, and the level of difficulty. Sometimes, the more basic a game is, the more challenging it becomes. It’s like trying to tell yourself that you’re old enough to beat the easy questions not knowing that you’re just confirming how you’ve not been using your brain for a while. *wink*

Think that passing through algebra and trigonometry will have you excel in simple math and counting games? Then I dare you to play this cute, exciting, and time pressured application called So Brainy! Read more of this IOS app review to know more about this polished app after the cut.

After having a good taste of college algebra and calculus, you’d think that you can shrug the basic operations off because you’ve just proved yourself a math genius, huh? But that’s not always the case. Complex theories can cloud our heads ergo, making us take the long road on trying to solve mundane math questions. I’ve encountered a couple of mind blocks when faced with a simple queries may it be math computations or just simple counting. It’s definitely shameful, but oh well! Math just seems to dislike me as much as I dislike it. But here’s an app that too cute not to love even though the general rule here is to get in touch with numbers again!

Created by Viljar Lodi, So Brainy! is a free multi-leveled application for iOS users that centers on having players answer basic math equations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) while being time pressured. By typing in the correct answer, the character in the game will jump off of platforms and collect coins on their way. What’s more fun is that So Brainy! has a feature where players can go head to head in the race mode.

Brainy Game Play

Initially, you’ll have to create your own user account on the app so it can save your achievements and coins gathered. It won’t ask for your e-mail address. All you need is to type in your name and then you’re good to go.

With three game modes available in So Brainy!, users can choose whether they’d like to play on their own, challenge a friend, or play with a stranger. Take note that challenges aren’t focused on basic operations per se because there are other questions that requires you to count objects seen on the screen.


In this game mode, players will have to answer 8 mathematical questions per round until he/she reaches 400 coins all in all. Once they’ve collected the right amount of coins, they can then open the next environment available. Each environment promises another form of challenge that can be answered by numbers.

The arcade mode offers an increasing level of difficulty ranging from multiplying, adding, subtracting, and dividing 1-digit numbers. An environment is divided into rounds where you can encounter equations with 2 or 3-digit numbers. Remember that in each question, there is a timer ticking down. If you need a few more seconds, tap on the clock icon and it’ll give you more time. With each right answer, your cutiepatootie character will jump to the next platform where another question awaits but if you fail, it will fall down to its doom.

Play With Friends

There are two categories under this mode in which I’ve also counted as a separate game mode. When you tap on this option, you can either choose to play with a local user (somebody who’s with you in that moment) or opt to challenge some other user via an online game.

The players will take turns answering the questions and whoever finishes with the fastest time will be the winner. If in case the players weren’t able to answer everything correctly, then their distance will declare who’s the rightful problem solver.

Key Features

  • A new approach to the brain training genre
  • Simple and engaging game play
  • Great variety in game play and graphics
  • Various challenge types
  • A nearly unlimited number of randomly generated challenges
  • Lots of content, including levels, rewards, game modes, upgrades, badges, and more
  • Single-device multi-player for up to 4 players
  • Online multi-player for up to 4 simultaneous players
  • Game center, Facebook, and Twitter integration

Adding to the already feature-packed app that is So Brainy! is its amazing graphics topped with an upbeat sound scoring that verges between being cute and adrenaline-pumping. The four soft-looking characters do remind me of the hit children’s series Teletubbies and they’re not any less cute. As other apps will only present the questions as it is, without any additional knickknacks to make users keep interested, So Brainy! on the other hand offered a very nice twist of having the characters respond to the answers of players. Two thumbs up!

Harrie is So Brainy!

Okay, that may not be true but at least I’m trying my best on beating this app! Though I’ve yet to unlock the other environments, I have been enjoying myself with the default one. There are questions that seems to be so easy but the fact that it’s time pressured makes me panic causing me to tap on the wrong digit. Good thing every round is re-playable! Thank goodness for that! And it gives me more chances of collecting coins! Another yey!

Definitely, So Brainy! is an app that the whole family can enjoy. Its simplicity will be easily understood by children while it can also offer quite a challenge with the older family members. Regardless of age, people can exercise their minds with this cute offer of Viljar Lodi to the iOS market. It’s not everyday that you get to enjoy an app that’s too polished you just can’t help but love the game play even if it’s math. Oh, and let’s not forget that you can play with other people with it too! Ain’t it so cool?

So, think no more and download So Brainy! now and test your wits! It’s !

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