Develop Your Child’s Reading Comprehension Skills with AbiTalk’s Third Grade Reading Comprehension – English Fiction

It may be easy for children to understand grammar, but reading comprehension can be tough to learn. At least AbiTalk makes things easier for elementary students.

Applatter finds the Third Grade Reading Comprehension app to be just as great as, if not better than, AbiTalk’s Sentence Builder, an educational app we got to test earlier this week. We liked playing with these apps, moreso because we can really see that the apps are designed with the students’ enrichment, the teachers’ convenience and the parents’ happiness in mind.

With twenty fictional stories that improve vocabulary, pronunciation and situational understanding, the Third Grade Reading Comprehension app helps teachers and parents to effectively measure children’s reading comprehension in an easier, more mobile way.

What We Love

Here’s a quick summary (in words and pictures) of what we love about the Reading Comprehension app:

The app is designed to look simple and cute. The format is the same as the Sentence Builder, with the Manage Accounts feature still available for those interested in creating multiple accounts.


The app’s Manage Accounts feature lets users select one of the two app modes, Practice and Test. Teachers can also create and add their own stories and use their own pictures here. Data synchronization with Dropbox is also available for easy storage of important information such as user accounts and reports.


Each user account shows a main page where an option (the envelope button) is available for sending the current progress of that user via email. Teachers can use this to notify parents about their children’s progress. To access the detailed report on a particular student’s progress, just choose the user and hit the button with the multi-colored bars.

Our tester Lizzy’s Progress Report says she needs improvement!


Tapping the Reading Comprehension option on the screen reveals the list of short stories.

The Sneaky Diary Reader is my personal favorite.


The short stories are simple and easy to read. Each story helps students develop an understanding of real-life situations, and it introduces new words without losing young readers’attention.

Students can choose to read the words on their own, but if they need help, they can just tap on the word and the app will “read” the word out for them.

Tap the word you can’t read, the word turns red, and then listen to the correct pronunciation of the word.


The number of exercises available with each short story varies, but the exercises almost always involve multiple choice questions and true or false questions. Sometimes, there are exercises that require the student to match the words or concepts with their correct definition or to create compound words.

With Practice Mode, students can find out on their own whether they have made a correct or incorrect answer. 


Applatter’s Verdict

AbiTalk’s Third Grade Reading Comprehension app is a very user-friendly educational tool for the current generation of young learners. It definitely helps develop your third grader’s reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills, so its $2.99 price tag is not a big deal.

You get to encourage your child’s interest in literature, too.

Make learning fun today.

Elijah Monroe

For more than three years, Elijah Monroe has worked as a researcher and writer for various technology blogs. He freelances now for various local websites.

Develop Your Child’s Reading Comprehension Skills with AbiTalk’s Third Grade Reading Comprehension – English Fiction
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