Timeline Eons: An Extensive Timeline of the World and Beyond

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On November 23, 2012
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Get a timeline of important cosmic and historical events on your iOS devices!

“Knowledge is power.” As scientists and experts continue to probe and look for answers, we are gifted with new knowledge that may or may not explain the unknown epoch and the history of ever. With the help from the expanding technology, the postmortem that is generally centered on the evolution and the beginning of mankind is becoming more vague and confusing by the day. While the answers to the truth is still few and far in between, a little compiled background of the geological era can serve us, humans, well. To know about what could happen eons ago might be useful to us in future analysis.

And if you’re a whiz kid or even an intellectual hopeful young adult, having this iOS app called Timeline Eons installed on your devices can be relatively clever. Timeline Eons is an educational timeline that consists of an extensive analysis and background of what went on during the time unknown up to the present. Take for example the never-ending debate on the Big Bang theory. Timeline Eons will surely give you plausible enough studies on what went on after that, on what discoveries were made and concluded, and what final documentations followed that theory.

Timeline Eons is basically history written and integrated on an iOS device. Think of the wide variations of studies and articles that you can find in Google, and put all that links and references in a single app and, eureka! You have Timeline Eons!

Timeline Eons ($9.99) is an iOS app developed by maani.us which hopes to help students, both young and adult, in their daily resource of cosmic and historical data. Literally everything is laid out in this timeline for all users to take information from. A variety of historical gatherings from the formation of the moon and the solar system up to the accomplishments and platforms of the different presidents of the United States are all compiled here.

Right now, when I look at my Timeline Eons’s present data, I will be given data about the current US president in office, Pres. Barrack Obama, and the current War in Afghanistan. Also, because this app is integrated with external links from my search engine of choice, Google, I am shown of what went on during this time of the year 1924: The confirmation from American astronomer Edwin Hubble that the existence of galaxies other than the Milky Way was indeed, true.

More Knowledge, More Power!

The extent of trillions of years is hard to assimilate in a tiny material, but Timeline Eons very well incorporated that impossibility into an application. The timeline that spans from the beginning of the world to the new world can be edited, bookmarked, and customized. The good thing about Timeline Eons doesn’t end with its far-reaching Earthly statistics and records; the app also has future prognoses which look like what can be an accurate projection about the world’s population. It’s that huge!

In order to be familiar with the app, users really need to read the Quick Tutorial by tapping the Information button on the top right corner of the screen. The instructions will help you get used to the app’s features. It can be confusing when you first use it but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never stop from searching and scrolling through the timeline of important events that occurred ages ago.

Know the Timeline

  1. Tap the Timeline cap to go to the start or end of the timeline. If the Timeline cap cannot be seen, tap the timeline bar to zoom out. Tap red push pin in the Timeline bar to get to the present time.
  2. Go to the next or previous event of your current timeline by tapping the left or right side of the screen. There you will see what went on before and after a specific event.
  3. See the events clearly by tapping on the picture and let it zoom before your eyes. It’s amazing what little facts you can gather from this.
  4. If you want to look for a certain year and the events that went on during that particular year, just touch then hold the year above the Timeline bar, then enter the year number.
  5. If you want to squeeze in a little bit of information to a certain event, just touch and hold that event then click the Web button. The web button is represented by a globe.
  6. You can add or edit a timeline by holding the Timeline bar, then tap the Timeline button which looks like a list button. From there you can add a date by choosing the +D button, or add a period by clicking the +P button.
  7. You can change or delete a category by tapping the Category button when you hold the Timeline bar.
  8. Add a bookmark to a timeline by going to the Edit button and turning the bookmark switch on. When you are taken to a specific resources of external links, click on a specific link and bookmark it for future references.
  9. Customize your timeline by pressing the Timeline bar, and then click on Timeline. From there, you are free to choose your background, the fonts, and the type the title of your timeline.

Timeline Eons gather information that you can incorporate to your Timeline’s events with the help from Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can only choose one from these search engine sites and change it if you want to use the other.

There are RSS updates that are optional for users to use. Users can instantly get information about the new events when the RSS update is on.

With topics ranging from History, Science and Technology, Sports, and Arts & Architecture, having a refreshed mind and knowledge is guaranteed from this app. Timeline Eons can be very helpful for students who are suffering from major procrastination. Cosmic data and natural context can be seen and searched easily with the aid from your customized timeline.

Jango approves!

Easily one of the most intelligent—if not the most intelligent—apps that I have ever encountered. The historical context that this app is giving me is wild and non-stop. It is invariably a very functional tool for researchers and for people who love to do research. The very detailed timeline is amazing and is certainly something that kids can gather important facts from.

The range of categories is awesome as well. Timeline Eons is fundamentally a well-fashioned Encarta for iOS devices. You can go from being a Charles Darwin in a minute, to a clever CNN reporter to the next.

I just find it annoying that some of the features work more properly on iPads than on the iPhone. Some of the customization buttons doesn’t work properly when it’s zoomed out in the iPhone. But all in all, I have no qualms about this because this app spoils my “anthropologist” dreams.

The price of the full version of the app is a bit (a bit?!) too much. But I guess when you want to be pricey, you can always bet the huge amount of price on educational stuff where the rewards are truly gold. It’s truly clever when the knowledge that you can gain from an app is sky’s the limit . Timeline Eons is just plain excellent at most.



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Timeline Eons: An Extensive Timeline of the World and Beyond
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