Words on Wheels – An App for Special Needs Children with Autism and Other Speech Delays

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An app for Special Needs Children with Autism and Other Speech Delays.

Autism is a developmental disorder that makes itself present in the first three years of a human’s life. It is a physical condition that affects the brain’s development of communication skills and social abilities. People who have autism are predictable and have repetitive behaviors. They like routines and they like seeing things the way that it is. Based on studies, when you let a kid picture a thing and let that kid draw that particular thing, the next time you’ll encounter the kid again, he or she will likely draw the same thing. It is also discovered that 1 in 88 children has autism. Experts are still widely discussing the causes of autism. Aside from the usual explanation that Autism is hereditary, they are also looking at the possibilities that the development of autism might have resulted from environmental factors and drugs that cause birth defects.

With this knowledge and awareness in mind, Excel Heritage Group, Inc. came up with this app called Words on Wheels – An app for Special Needs Children with Autism and Other Speech Delays. Words on Wheels presents a clever app idea because it aims to help kids with autism and speech delays to easily communicate their needs through the app. Words on Wheels effectively transmits the messages that kids with this disorder want to tell their family and friends making them feel that they are unique, loved, and valued. Read more about Words on Wheels in this iPad app review.

Words on Wheels () is an effective communication app for iPad that enables kids with autism and language deficiency to communicate their needs easily through pictures. Words on Wheels is primarily geared towards kids with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, apraxia, and other speech delays. It helps kids convey their words through the images of objects and scenarios presented in the app.

The app has a Photo and Voice library that stands for the common or basic needs of a child. There are 5 rows featured in the app that contains 10 different objects or scenes that will help kids tell their parents or friends their thoughts. In the left side of the screen, there is an empty icon where users can see their chosen objects or scenes. For example, the user chooses pictures of a kid, an image of a kid writing, and a computer. When you press the Play button, the voice will say “I, Write, Computer”—conveying the message that the kid is writing or typing on the computer. This is a simple means of communication for non-verbal kids so they can easily put their views and words together.

Not only is Words on Wheels an app designed for communication. It can also be a used as a therapy to help kids know basic communicating skills.

Another good thing about Words on Wheels is its continuous desire to help people with autism and speech delays. 5% of proceeds from the app sales will go to the Autism Society in Excel Heritage Group, Inc.’s endeavors to support autism education, advocacy, and to help raise more awareness about this condition.


  • Simple and fun to use through the easy to use, colorful and intuitive user interface.
  • Photo and Voice library containing 50 preloaded images representing most common words and 5 empty spaces for your own images. Additional image space can be purchased in packages of 5 ($0.99), 25 ($2.99) and 50 ($4.99) images. There is no limit to number of packages purchased.
  • Full customization to your needs; create albums by taking pictures on the fly with camera and record audio in your own, native language.
  • Order of the images is always retained, so kids don’t get confused. Ability to erase rows of images and make it simpler for younger age kids (2-5 years old).
  • Password protected editing mode for parents to prevent kids inadvertently delating or changing the content.
  • Social network sharing via Facebook and Twitter

Jango loves Words on Wheels!

It really warms my heart to encounter apps of this kind because you know that behind the colorful graphics and sharp features are the thoughts of being able to help and contribute to social change.

I have seen and talked to a few kids with this disorder, and most of those kids that I have met left more smiles and happiness in my life than most of my classmates back in high school, for real. These kids can easily bring joy to everyone because of their pure thoughts, and their unbiased views about the world. So I’m really happy that with the fast-rising modern technology still growing a tail every minute, an app like Words on Wheels is ready to use its power to infuse knowledge and help people who need assistance. The world just needs more apps like this, stat.

I like the colorful and easy-to-grasp images that are featured in the app. It’s very helpful, and very easy to understand, especially for kids. I hope that Words on Wheels will effectively pass along their objectives and help more people express their feelings and their clean, innocent thoughts.

So, here’s my advice to y’all app enthusiasts out there: Words on Wheels not only for the app’s features, but also for the purpose of helping and contributing 5% of your $9.99 to the kids who need it, and deserve the best.

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Words on Wheels – An App for Special Needs Children with Autism and Other Speech Delays
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