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A Michael Jackson rhythm game.

“Long live the King!” is what Madonna shouted at a concert onstage when news broke that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away. Michael Jackson has left a legacy big enough to be remembered generations through generations. Despite the throngs of media claws and public scrutiny that tore him whenever he’s on a vantage point, Michael Jackson went on with his music and continued to perform without showing an ounce of weakness or vulnerability. Such power made him earn the title “The Greatest Performer of All Time.”

Michael Jackson left a legacy that we will be mooning about all time, every time. His trademark dance moves such as: the crotch grab, anti-gravity lean, pelvic thrust and the very famous moonwalk, are still a standard choreography that people from all genres love to imitate. If you’re one of the MJ fans who badly wish to do some seconds-long toe stand without actually having to do the painful toe stand, then you better check this app called . This major app idea is a winner for all Michael Jackson fans. If you want to relive the spectacle that was Michael Jackson, and show his cruel detractors that MJ is still a living magic, then I’m sure as heck that you will love to try this app for yourself. Now, who’s bad?!

Michael Jackson The Experience is a rhythm game from Ubisoft which will let you recollect some of Michael Jackson’s memorable short film-esque music videos. The gameplay requires tapping and swiping to see Michael Jackson do his signature moves while dancing in stunning visual recreations of some of his famous music videos. The instructions will continuously prompt you to indicate right timing and direction. Michael Jackson The Experience can also be considered as a Michael Jackson dress up game since the app features in-app purchases where you can change MJ’s costumes in between songs. Some might find it weird that you have to pay just to play dress up with MJ but hey, styling the Michael Jackson, even just virtually, is every Jacko fans’ dream come true.

There are three levels of difficulty in this Michael Jackson rhythm game. The hardest requires players to have a bit of vampire reflex since you have to tap the screen rather quickly—with some routines even requiring players to use both of their hands. In $2.99, you’ll be able to experience dancing along this app with four of Michael Jackson’s original tracks: The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, Speed Demon, and Blood on the Dance Floor. If you want to dance along Michael Jackson’s more famous songs, you have to buy the songs for $0.99 each. The graphics of the settings are closely faithful to the actual music videos of MJ’s songs so it’s a tit for tat.

Smooth Criminal!

  • The graphics are close recreations of the actual music videos.
  • The sounds are the best! Because there’s nothing that can top Michael Jackson’s music.
  • The routines, though a bit repetitive, are faithful to MJ’s trademark moves.
  • Some of the animations from the clips are CGI-rendered which is really awesome.
  • Detailed approach to costumes and the characters (Michael Jackson and back-up dancers).

Beat It!

  • The small song selection is a bit of a bummer.
  • MJ’s most famous dance song, Thriller, isn’t even included in the in-app purchases of iphones. It is only available for iPads.
  • Slow momentum in some of the scene changes.
  • In the hardest difficulty level, some prompts include swiping in circles which sort of messes with the controls.


Jango hails the King!

I’m a Michael Jackson fan. So it’s safe for everyone to assume that I would enjoy this app because I really did. The small song selection really sucked because I would have loved to play along some Thriller in the background. (Of course). But all in all, this app is overly enjoyable. And if this app review still doesn’t convince you to try the Michael Freaking Jackson rhythm game, then I strongly suggest you listen to his baddest album of all, Off The Wall. Bad, this is not; badass, it is.

 Watch this Gameplay Trailer of MJTE and Beat It!

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A Moonwalk To “Michael Jackson The Experience”
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