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Superimpose your face on old photos to create that vintage feel.

When can you exactly say that a photo is vintage? Obviously, tweaking with Instagram and other photo color-altering applications won’t make a shot vintage. The word vintage means something that has seen time but maintains its enduring appeal. Ergo, the old pieces from generations back that are finding its way to the present. Aside from the timeless pieces, eventhough broken, there are the photographs that can be categorized as vintage. From the way the people looked, posed, and dressed, you can definitely tell when a photo has been stored for tens of years.

Its monochromatic characteristic also adds to its “tale as old as time” aura which it makes it more interesting. If you’re achieving to have that vintage feel to a photo of yourself, no more need to buy old mementos and frocks, because all you need is your face and the app for iPad!

If you’re tired of playing around numerous filters on your photo-editing apps or even on your Instagram account, then why not try applications which has the sole purpose of making you look like you’ve lived a wealthy life back in the 40s through the 60s. Yes, we’re talking about black and white staged photos of bureaucrats doing rich people stuff. As we all know, having a self-portrait photograph during those days was a luxury that can’t be availed by just anybody.

is a photo application by Joao Pestana. It has 17 pages of different vintage photos that can be superimposed by the users face. Approximately, there are 50 photos all in all, men and women, children and old people alike. There are simple portraits, outside shots, while some are just plain weird and quirky.

To succeed in making yourself seem like you’ve traveled back in time, you have to first choose a photo that you’d want to use from the different photographs available as you open the application.

After selecting a photograph, you can now take a picture of your friend or yourself through the in-app camera. To make your face fit the picture accurately, pinch the photo as it hovers over the background and adjust it to the size that would perfectly match the size of the blank space on the photo you’ve chosen. If it’s tilted, you can also alter it by a couple of twists and turns of your finger. 

If you’d like to surprise someone by making them look vintage, you can opt to use the photos stored on your photo gallery instead. The same thing goes with it, you can edit its size and it will automatically be turned into a black and white photo to make it sync well with the old photograph feel.

Another thing to take note of is the app’s brightness and exposure adjuster. It will only alter the photo you took and not the vintage photo installed in the application. To make things more fun, you can add mustaches, bowler hats, vintage glasses, and bow ties on your face to make your photo look incredibly real.

Once you’re done, you can save it on your photo roll or share it on your social networking sites via Vintage People’s integration with Facebook and Twitter. The app provides a lot of laughs if you project the proper expression relative to the photograph. I know I did when one of my superiors did a great job in handling this lion…

Harrie Loves the Vintage People

For $0.99, this app is definitely worth the download for it can be for fun or for some serious hoaxing. It’s available in the AppStore but it only works with the iPad.

Download if you wanna see how you’d look if you were born in the Old English era.

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