Chasing Yello: Say Goodbye to Freedom

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On August 17, 2012
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Help Yello escape from the sadistic Mathilda in the endless river filled with fatal hurdles.

Have you watched the movie, Finding Nemo? If yes, I guess you are familiar with Darla, the sadistic girl who is fond of abusing fishes that were given to her by her uncle. Produce a game with the same theme, and you have Chasing Yello.

Chasing Yello is the sequel of the phenomenal app, Saving Yello. Yello, the ill-fated fish was able to escape from its cruel owner, Mathilda. However, Mathilda doesn’t easily abandon Yello. She tries to run after the poor fish in the endless river filled with fatal hurdles.

Been There, Done That

Adapted in the endless runner games, one cannot help but recall Temple Run and Subway Surf. It has the same gameplay adorned to a greater degree. Most endless runner games urge its players to surpass the high score. Chasing Yello delivers different missions that you need to rack up to achieve the high score: players will need to get 10 stars in one run, and to absurdly elude the stars for 100 meters.

The roadblocks are enormously stimulating. Yello needs to swim under logs, cross the boulders, escape fires, resist the crabs and piranhas, while running on the trot from Mathilda. These barriers can be avoided with the useful speed boosts and the ever reliable power-ups like shields, rockets, and magnets.

Kid-friendly lesson

Chasing Yello will allow kids to revel in the rush with its kid friendly features. It may seem a bit shallow to some, but when you look closely, this game has an obscure lesson: Treat your pets with kindness or it will run away from you.

Will you help Mathilda chase Yello?

If you are still hang-up on the endless runner games, and you still refer to it as an addicting game, then you will enjoy Chasing Yello. Chasing Yello is favourable with its great graphics, sound, and plot. I find it less vicious than their first game, Saving Yello. As for myself, I’d rather have my niece and nephews play with it. After all, I’ve had enough of running with the other apps that I have tried.

Help Yello escape from Mathilda. is available in the app store for free.

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Chasing Yello: Say Goodbye to Freedom
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