Destroy the Bricks and Enjoy a Festive Dinner with Monkey Slam

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Help the cute little monkeys and one huggable ape break the bricks and have a festive dinner with Monkey Slam.

Chillingo does it again– They have made another addictive game that both kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy. I have been relentlessly praising Chillingo for creating such amazing apps; from Madcoaster, to Chimpact, to Catapult King, now comes a charming app called .

Have you ever had that pinball obsession? I did, and it transpired during the times when the only cool games that you can play on your computer were Solitaire, Minesweeper, and the Pinball. The Pinball game is easy to play; all you have to do is get the highest score possible by not letting the ball drop. You have to use flippers in order to make the ball stop from falling in the drain to last the game.

Monkey Slam essentially has the same gameplay as the Pinball. Instead of using balls in hitting the obstacles, Monkey Slam gives you cute little monkeys. The obstacles consist of bricks that you have to abolish. Every brick shattered will automatically turn into a fruit that the paddle needs to collect. The paddle in the Monkey Slam is in the form of a huge gorilla. Vigilance is necessary as you have to gather all the fruits while watching out for the little monkeys. These monkeys must not fall in order to continue on the game.


Monkey Slam really comes to life on screen with its colorful 3D levels and characters, and stylish special effects.

Features 4 Worlds; Monkey Reef, Far East, Jungle Island and Space World each with 16 challenging levels to play through. Can you get 3 stars on each?

Collect a variety of power-ups (and watch out for power-downs!) as you play. Use bananas to blast the bricks and help monkey out of a tight spot!


Cute little monkeys and the giant gorilla:

At first, I thought this will be a difficult game. I love cute little monkeys (only in cartoons and apps, as I’m scared of the real ones), and I thought it would look a little pessimistic to see them slam in bricks and walls. Nevertheless, Chillingo made this app suitable for kids by not showing a monkey get hurt. I know, I sounded like an altruist there. But, if you are going to create an app catered for kids, how you deal with the characters should always be a top priority.

Aside from the cute little monkeys, Monkey Slam created a huggable massive gorilla to act as the paddle in the game. I can’t believe that a paddle in the form of a gorilla is plausible. To the creators of this game, I give you a standing ovation. I would seriously fabricate a banana tree or a hammock to use as a paddle. But with Monkey Slam, they used a huge fluffy gorilla. The huge gorilla serves another purpose aside from letting the cute monkeys destroy the bricks. It needs to gorge on fruits and power-ups that are found in the obstacles. Make sure the gorilla will not starve, or else the game will be over.

The gorilla can be moved in two ways: first is by dragging it on both sides or by tilting it. The paddle gorilla is reactive and can be moved in either one of the choices. For my part, I still favor the dragging motion, merely because I’m used to that ancient practice. It’s hard to let go of some controls that you are used to.

is available in the App Store for $0.99

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Destroy the Bricks and Enjoy a Festive Dinner with Monkey Slam
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