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On March 11, 2013
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Connect and pair up couples that are alike in color, profession and costume with Meet Your Mate.

Yes, it’s been weeks since the love month is officially over. But spreading love isn’t, right? Especially when we just couldn’t help but give love to our loved ones or even to random people that we meet. Showing love and affection to other people should go on until there’s life here on earth. I believe that cheesy and sweet moments shouldn’t happen only on Valentine’s Day. Yet, we should learn to do it every single day to make this world a better place to live in. Agree?

Well I guess, Maximize Games also has the same perception as mine, and to most people who are hopeless romantic. I’m pretty sure that all of us can relate to their application. I know that finding your mate or partner in life is one of the best feelings in the world. When you find him/her, you don’t want to let go of him/her and you’ll do everything just to make your relationship last until forever. (Now, I’m getting cheesy!)

Kidding aside, the brain child of Maximize Games will eventually transform us into little cupids by connecting and pairing up couples. Are you ready to ? Dig into more deets on my iOS app review after the break.

You might be familiar with the #1 Hit application called Flow Free which was also reviewed here on Applatter? If yes, then Meet Your Mate will be an easy peasy game for you, yet with a twist! If you are into this kind of challenging puzzle application, then you should read on for more exciting information!

 , developed by Maximize Games is a free addictive puzzle application which allows its users to partner and pair couples that are alike in color and costume. You should be careful not to cut the other line of the other couple because their connection will instantly be deleted.

Introduce Yourself

Before the game starts, a short interactive video clip will be shown. After which, the Main Menu pops on your screen. In here, you will find at the upper right hand those three trophies mainly: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These trophies correspond to a certain achievement: complete 90 levels, 240 levels and all levels to get those trophies accordingly. In the Shop button, you are allowed to purchase your hints which will be very useful for you throughout the game.

Tapping on the Play button on the Main Menu will start the game. You wouldn’t want to play the game without learning how to play it, right? A quick tutorial will basically show you some tips and tricks when playing the game. As shown in the photo above, a pop-up message with an illustration will be shown along with the instruction on what to do. After which, you’re now good to go!

It’s Time to Meet Your Mate!

Meet Your Mate has a variety of packs which you can play with: 5 x 5, 6 x 6, 7 x 7, 8 x 8, 9 x 9 and 10 x 10. Every pack comes with around 60 levels, each with different challenges for you to solve. This is an assurance that you will definitely keep on playing for hours! Sounds exciting, right?

As shown in the photo below, there are different people scattered on the board, each with different color, profession and costume. All you have to do is to drag and draw a line to connect the couple. With this, you should be careful not to cross the other line of the couple because it would be so heartbreaking to see the couple cutting their connection with each other. They are literally crying and screaming!

To add to the twist of the game, each person has their own limit of patience. You can see their patience meter on the bottom left of the screen. When their patience runs out, a speech balloon will appear on the character and you’ll get a lower score. For you to be able to complete a level, you should connect all the couples accordingly and the lines should fill up all the squares. *Tip: Two characters can pass through a shop and overlap a previous line for two times only for them to connect the couples and complete the level.

Don’t worry if you can’t figure out the connection between the couples! You can always use your available hints throughout the game.

Kirsten: The Little Miss Cupid

When I first saw the game, I actually find it complicated. But to my surprise, undergoing all the process before the actual game itself makes it an easy peasy game for me. Although I find the graphics quite pixelated, I was still fascinated with the cute and bright graphics of the application. Honestly, I was really addicted playing with it for hours! It was a sure boredom killer! The quirky sound effects complete the whole fun experience of playing the role of cupid while you’re finding your way to an unconditional love from the newly paired couples.

After watching the trailer below, be sure to download this love-filled puzzle application, !

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