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Design, Tailor, Campaign and Run your own Fashion House with Fashion Inc.

Have you ever dreamed of being part of the well-loved reality television show, Project Runway, as each aspiring designers show off what they got to be the next bright star in the fashion industry? Project Runway is just one of the tickets to the biggest fashion break in your life. Well, I tell you, this is not a campaign or a teaser to the next season of Project Runway. It just goes to show how thousands of aspiring fashion designers are there who would do anything that they can to show their (this may sound cliche) ‘Passion for Fashion.’

Hence, you wouldn’t want to try out for the upcoming seasons without an edge among the fellow aspiring fashion designers, right? You wouldn’t want Michael Kors, one of the judges, to have doubt on your skill, don’t you? If I were you, why don’t you start enhancing your fashion design skills? Let this app review help you make it to the cut with an app called

Let the fashion tour begin after the cut.

If you think that the work load in fashion is an easy peasy one, (buzzer) you’re wrong. If you’re a true blue fashionista, you’ve probably watched how Rachel Zoe (in her television series), manages her everyday life with her uber hectic schedule doing pull-outs, fitting, meeting with clients, attending events, fashion shows, and even go shopping. You would even work with some of the ruthless bosses in the fashion industry just like Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. In every elimination of Project Runway, Heidi Klum says, ‘In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.’ Well, in this app, I must say, expect both the best and the worst in fashion.

, developed by Stardoll, is a free iOS application where users can now prove to the world if they’re worthy enough of being labeled as a fashionista. In this app, you can instantly run your own fashion house and do everything from scratch. Step by step, assign your people on their daily tasks from designing a creation such as a bag, apparel and shoes to tailoring the design to creating your own marketing campaign down to selling the item. You’ve got everything under your control. Besides, this is your own Fashion House, right?

Fashionable Features

√ Create your own by choosing your desired pattern, design, colors and materials

√ Create your own marketing campaign and sell your clothes to those fashion forward clients

√ Create amazing outfits and complete missions and special VIP missions for design bucks and diamonds

√ A chance to win design awards for your fashionable design

√ Requires internet connection

Enter the Fashion House!

If you are a certified fashionista, well, your fashion and style instincts will be put to a test! Inside the Fashion House, your task is to create fashionable designs, be it bags, shoes and apparels. From scratch, you will personally choose the design, color, pattern and material of your choice that may vary with what you think your fashion forward customers will love. Not only that, you need to tailor those items, create a marketing campaign to make a buzz about your items be it flyers, magazine, television ad or a fashion show. There are four floors in your fashion house: Shop, Tailor, Design and Marketing.

Just like any other games, for a couple of minutes, you need to wait for your items to be finished. However, you can use your remaining diamonds to finish the work instantly, making it easier for you and of course, less waiting, right? You can also unlock items such as mannequins, desks and many more. Well, if you are bored already with your shop’s design, then you can select from the shop themes and buy your desired theme. You can select from standard, industrial, pink and boutique theme. Also, you have missions that you need to accomplish which makes this game challenging yet creative and fun!

Kirsten: The Frustrated Fashion Designer

Honestly, I am a frustrated fashion designer and stylist. I’ve just realized that those labels are very stressful and tedious. Plus, a degree will do for you to have an edge and credibility among the other aspirants. So, just the thought of it all, I would rather live a simple life and just stick with my own fashion blog where I can personally share and write about my style, life and everything in between.

Along with my frustrations, I was thrilled when I learned about this Fashion Inc. application since it’s a way to fulfill all my fashion frustrations in life. I give this app a five star rating for its excellent 3D graphics, bright, colorful and use friendly interface. This is one way where I can create my own designs and run my own fashion house. Also, missions that I need to complete to obtain diamonds and other perks adds to the whole challenging and thrilling experience of this app.

Watch the video below, and run your own fashion house now!

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Fashion Inc.: Run your own Fashion House
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