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MiniGlider is a simple throw game created by Triniti Interactive for iOS gamers.

Gliding seems like a fun and bold activity considering that most people who have tried it deemed gliding as the ultimate flying experience. If I have the fortune to go gliding for a day or three, I will definitely go for it. Not to pull an Amelia Earhart out-of-navigation experience, but to have the Anakin Skywalker out-of-body experience. Just for the sake of experience—just for the thrill of it.

Sometimes my lone, weird mind drifts to wild continental measures. And when I say “wild continental measures”, I meant offbeat circum-navigational dreams where the land of the supernatural is my frontier, and me, the grinning idiot heroine. Characters like Han Solo in Star Wars and Bastian in The NeverEnding Story, those characters–those characters are the subjects of my wool-gathering. So you wouldn’t believe my delight when I came across this application called . Because MiniGlider is just about as barren and weird as any fleeting dreams that I have ever imagined.

MiniGlider follows the story of an office man who found himself stuck in a city where waves of zombies were fast-approaching. To save himself from being a burger for zombies, he went atop a building and threw himself up in the air through a rad human slingshot. And to keep himself from being feasted, the office man stayed airborne for as long as he could with the help of his handy jetpack and glider.

That plot sounds very promising. Add to that the fact that the office man looks like a younger version of Mr. Carl Fredricksen from the 3D-animated movie, Up; the story is just perfect. And also, add to that the multitude of aircrafts, dodge planes and even UFOs threatening to render outbreaks, and you have to be the heroine who escapes their cruel attacks—this cool game app definitely gets all the marbles. Learn more about “Mister” and his epic soaring in this iPhone app review.

MiniGlider is a simple throw game created by Triniti Interactive for iOS gamers. The story, as previously stated, is about a man who has to keep himself afloat in the sky to avoid the zombie-infested city. To do that, he needs to climb the building, and throw himself into the air, and encounter various air and space crafts which can either benefit him or assault him. There are coins that need to be collected in this game that can be used for upgrades, and for customizing the character. Should you ever land hazardously into the city of the awaiting zombies and cops, you can always make sure that you bounce off to save yourself from a gut-wrenching demise. MiniGlider is one game that will certainly leave you wanting and soaring for more!


Players need to launch the heroine into the sky through the human slingshot found on top of a deserted building. In the style of human slingshots ala Angry Birds, you need to pull the character as he approaches the object, and then release. The power scale on the left part of the screen helps the player gauge the distance that the character can reach. When the power scale is full, you can release the character and leave him spiralling in the sky. After the player successfully launches the character into the air, you will need him to collect coins in order to buy upgrades, boosters and other items. The thing about using the human slingshot is to make the character’s soaring as far as possible.

Also, the most important thing about this game is to utilize the aerial essentials that are available to the character like the wings, the jetpack, and the glider in order to stay in the air. Should the character come crashing down after the rocket meter went off, he can always bounce back into the air through the beds, bombs, missiles, trampolines, or police cars nestled in the city, and continue to soar off a distance up in the air. Only the jetpacks can regenerate. The glider can’t be used again that’s why you have to be careful when exactly to use it.

There is a rocket meter in the bottom left corner of the screen. When the rocket meter is full, the player needs to tap it in order for the character to fly high up in the sky. In the right corner is the glider that can only be used when the character reaches a certain height. When you reach that altitude, and the glider is all set and ready to go, you can control your character’s gliding by tilting the device left and right. The jetpack and glider can’t be enabled all the time as it also needs auto-recharging. As a starter, my advice is to prioritize upgrading the jetpack and the glider since those things are your primary allies in this game. And also because those are the only things that you can easily manage or control. You can upgrade the jetpack, slingshot, gliders, and other items that will bump you along the way using the collected coins, or you can choose to resort into the in-app purchases.

When the character is up in mid-air, certain obstacles will make themselves present like the hot air balloons, missiles, airplanes, and even out of this world UFOs. Players need to watch out for them as those things might end your free gliding. Obstacles down in the streets are the zombies who are gleefully waiting for your landing to make you their feast.

By using the coins that you recovered in the game, you can either upgrade or buy items that can be used to customize your character, or to enhance the objects that you need for flying. I suggest that you choose to spend more purchases into the latter because the aerial objects that you buy or upgrade can be used for your advantage. Several upgrades will give boost to your gliding equipment for a better flying distance.

The levels can be regarded when you see certain objects as you go along. MiniGlider isn’t long enough, but it’s still entertaining. The vision of the character as he is spiralling up in the air is just magic, especially when he looks like he’s being abducted by aliens while mid-air. With basic gameplay and warm sense of humor, MidiGlider is surely entertaining. It is 99 cents entertaining.

MiniGlider Features:

  • Awesome talking avatars
  • Realistic ragdoll physics
  • Tons of upgradable items
  • Sweet graphs show your flight plan
  • Simple, throw-style game play
  • Stylized 3D animation an graphics
  • Valuable In-app purchases and upgrades


Jango is gliding high!

No. Please. I can only wish. For now.

This game, MiniGlider, this game is worthwhile. I don’t think this game is gold in the land of casual and 3D games. That said, I still think this game has that effective, addicting game element that is way HARD to find in most applications of this kind. It is original, and really, did you get over that cute, Pixar-like storyline without laughing? The warm sense of humor that this application has warmed me to it. MiniGlider is very charming as 3D games go. The basic game experience, though seemingly repetitive, is still funny and entertaining.

Oh, and I really dig it when Mr.Fredricksen-the-younger-version is high up in mid-air, and he bumps into the UFO, and he looks like he’s in for some serious abduction. I just love it! If only he can see my reaction every time that happens, I’m sure he’d throw me right into the middle of the zombie wave!

The only problem that I have with this gliding game might be the crashes that I continuously encounter in the game. It can be a great nuisance when I’m on the verge of being so adamantly preoccupied with gliding. And to say that I have been so adamantly preoccupied with this game is already, to me, saying a lot. That can only mean one thing: that I’d rather go “MiniGliding” than watch crappy high school TV series with bland love triangles and a gossiping mobile phone dubbed by a cascading harpy.

MiniGlider is a winner of all sorts because kids and adults can kill their time with this. This is exactly the go-to app when it’s time to tune yourself out of the normal world. And I’m happy to have glided onto this when scouring the app store games stockpile. It’s worth it.

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