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Band of the Day highlights some of the best undiscovered bands every day!

Since the birth of rock and roll in the 1950s, up to its culmination in the early 60s (God bless The Beatles!) and so on, discovering and listening to new songs everyday has become a natural inclination for music lovers. Music  had become a big instrument for social and cultural movement, and was touted as one of the most expressive art forms ‘til now. Some people listen to music as if their whole lives depend on it. I can relate to those people because I owe much of my job to the songs that I listen to—I cannot ever write a single article without some music on.

And as music continues to progress, with range of different music styles morphing into another genre of progressive rhythms, searching for the obviously good songs can be a bit of a hard work. For fans of the ear-shattering riffs and for groupies who spend most of their lives stalking rock bands, or rock band hotties for that matter (eyeroll), a new iOS app called Band of the Day will help your fixation of looking for the best music that has yet to become a mainstream favourite in the airwaves. Band of the Day will introduce you to new bands every day and will even allow some free streaming to serenade your eardrums more. With bands ranging from alt rock, progressive rock, grunge, indie rock, and psychedelic rock genres among others, looking for your daily dose of rock n’ rolla won’t need an encore!

Band of the Day (BoD) is a free iOS app from 955 Dreams which takes the form of an interactive music magazine on your iOS devices. Band of the Day features new bands (mostly indie rock bands) that are still unbeknownst to the mainstream media. The app features a different band each day. Each band is highlighted by showing their biographies, band trivia, the buzz that the band is getting from Twitter fans, music videos, and a free streaming of their songs.

I tried Band of the Day today and they are currently featuring the alternative rock group from Brooklyn called Alberta Cross. For the entire day, my BoD calendar’s background is Alberta Cross because they are today’s main attraction. From there, users can also have their fill of the band’s origins and some excerpt of lyrics from their songs.

Head-banging with BoD all day!

Band of the Day’s free streaming is a welcome feature to all music lovers. Users are allowed to listen to other songs that are included in Band of the Day’s Mixtape. The Mixtape is a compilation of different songs from different bands that are featured in Band of the Day. These songs are also some of the top-rated songs that the app has featured. You can also check the biographies and the albums of the bands that are included in the Mixtape.

An icon—which looks like a rocker kid—on the top right of the screen directs you to some more of the app’s offered features. You will see all the bands on the Top Chart of Band of the Day when you tap the Chart button. This category is currently fronted by indie folk band Bon Iver (a personal favourite), and followed by another indie band called The Head and the Heart.

The Archive button will give you a preview of all the bands that were featured on the app.

Users are also allowed to rate the bands, songs, or the videos that they have already listened to. The bands that the users will rate will appear on their list of Favorites.

Another good thing about Band of the Day is the app’s ability to play music continuously from the Mixtape even when the users are browsing for other bands. When notifications from your devices pop out, the music will slowly fade into a lower volume, then turn up again after a few seconds. Users can choose to purchase tracks or albums that are featured in BoD via iTunes.

Jango is a rockstar!

Yeah, baby! Oh my, this app is just what the world needs. Seriously!

After I saw this on the App Store, I had a nagging thought that this app could somehow aid the awful expansion and birth of terrible bubblegum pop tunes! I know, “To each his own.” But really, I think people need to have better taste in music as if they are born in the 60s to the 80s when the world still bows down to the likes of David Bowie, Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, Queen, and Patti Smith among others. Those were the times when music was truly electric.

I love the amount of details that this app is suggesting about each band. From the excerpts of lyrics, to their origins, to their foundations, and the whole other lot, this app is a sure-fire indie hit! The qualities of the songs that are featured on the free streaming facility are superb as well, what with its good quality and eardrum-splitting high riffs.

I only dislike the repetitive appearance of ads while I am browsing the band’s biography. I understand that free apps need major ads to make money, but the continuous popping out of Burberry ads while I’m on the verge of going psychedelic?! Err, no. Just no. Once or twice is enough.

The idea of discovering new bands and artists every day is very, very good. The idea that you can discover new bands and prospects for FREE is even better. I’m raising my fist horn to Band of the Day. This app is a true rock star!


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Get Your Daily Fill Of Rock n’ Roll With “Band Of The Day”
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