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Review of: Where's My Candy
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Zhangming Ltd.

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On January 11, 2013
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Chomp all the candies and avoid the spider enemies inside the maze.

Back when I was a kid, heaven for me is a place full of various kinds of candies with different color, shape, taste and even texture. I would see round containers, big tubes and glasses loaded with all types of candies which can bring so much joy to my dull moments. As I grew older, I realized that the heaven that I had in mind was actually called a candy shop. And that was a light bulb moment for me! I had to humbly ask for my mom some coins just to buy a piece of candy. At times, she would be generous and I will have a handful. That was one of the happiest moments of my naive life – simple yet memorable.

A flashback of that scenario had come to my mind when I saw this app developed by Zhangming Ltd. dubbed as . You wouldn’t want someone to steal your precious candies, right? One expression that I had when my sibling would secretly get some of my candies, I would frantically say, ‘Where’s my candyyyyyyy?’ And that means war. Kidding aside, if we have the same sentiments then why don’t you read on and dig into more details on my iOS app review.

More of this candy-chasing adventures after the break.

Back in the old days when smartphones haven’t existed yet, we loved to play the popular classic arcade game developed by Namco called Pac-Man, right? It was when only our personal computers and Gameboys are the ones bringing a piece of joy to our boring lives. Well, we can’t the deny the fact that Pac-man is still one of the best games up to date which is remembered by many of us. Agree? Sure, it brought the good old feeling of chasing those gold coins while running away from those colored monsters just to level up. If you miss playing with the yellow-colored character finding his way throughout the maze, then I will introduce an app which is quite similar to Pac-Man and I’m sure you’ll love as well!

There was once a cute Panda named Joy who lives in a Bamboo Village. Unlike the typical Panda who loves to eat bamboos, in this case, Joy is madly in love with candies! But he is not the only one who is fascinated with candies. There are spider enemies that are also hankering for some delicious treats. Suddenly, they steal away all the candies! It’s now time for a battle between the panda and the spiders. Will you be on Joy’s side and help him find his own candies back? Candies to the rescue!

, developed by Zhangming Ltd., is a free iOS application which is somewhat a clone yet a modified version of the spectacular game, Pac-Man. The basic idea of this game is to go throughout the maze by chomping all the candies and avoiding or killing the spider enemies that are scattered all over the place. You need not to worry since you have power-up candies scattered around that will give special powers to you for a short period of time. Munch on all of the candies and move on to the next level!

Sweet Features

√ Four Game Modes: Classic Mode, Dragon Warrior, Ghost Mode and Invincible Mode

√ 5 Worlds: Bamboo Forrest, Sky, Castle, Invisible Wall and Ghost Island

√ Use power-ups such as Lollipop, Bubble Gum, Bomb and many more

√ Accomplish all 33 Achievements

√ Switch into different characters such as Dragon Warrior, Ghost Warrior and Invincible Warrior

How to Chomp on those Candies?

The simple and fun gameplay begins with a quick tutorial. Although it’s not as formal as the others, it will still show you the basic mechanics of the game. Maybe because the controls are very easy that it doesn’t need an interactive tutorial. A hand will simply show on what direction you should tap and lead where Joy should go to. Your task here is to play the role of Joy and guide him on munching on the candies scattered around while avoiding the spiders.

Just like any other game, there are achievements that you need to accomplish along the game. This makes this game a challenging and engaging one. Such achievements include Candy, I’m coming, Super Shape Shift, So Tasty! and a lot more.

To add more fun to the game, you can purchase some items, power-ups and characters at the Shop. You can find wacky items such as Ghost Warrior wherein you can fly anyway you want and the spiders won’t catch you, adopt a Robot Panda who can assist you to fight the spiders, the Lollipop who can make you invincible after eating it, the Bomb which kills all the spiders, the Bubble Gum which makes all the spiders stuck in floating bubbles and a lot more.

In every level, you have three lives. It’s up to you to make use of those three lives as you get all of the candies per level. However, you will regain the three lives as you level up, no matter if you only have 1 remaining life from the previous level.

There are a few lollipops scattered around the floor so you better make use of it wisely. After munching on the lollipop, you have the power to kill the spiders. This power only takes place for a few seconds. When you go back to your real identity, the spiders are more powerful than you again, and you better run away from them instead.

Each level showcases a different maze, more spiders and more obstacles. By simply tapping on left, right, up or down, Joy will instantly run towards the candies and avoid the spiders. By collecting all the candies, you now proceed to the next level.

Kirsten Loves Candies!

Since I loved playing with Pac-Man when I was still a kid, I was amazed by this clone and modified version of it. Nothing beats a simple game rather than those complicated ones, right? It’s simplicity didn’t fail the casual gamers out there! It has added features which makes this a challenging, engaging and incredible one. Well, I love the twist that a Panda is living in a Bamboo Village but he is not the typical Panda who will munch on those bamboos but instead, he has a sweet tooth for those delicious treats that humans love as well. I also admire the colorful, bright and cute graphics of this app which is very appealing to the eyes of the players. I just find the background music to be off. Joy to the World may not be the perfect song that will match the whole gaming experience of a person, right?

Overall, this app deserves a three star rating because I had a good time playing it. There are some glitches that the developers should fix, though. Yes, there are a lot of features that you can purchase, but a message pops up saying ‘buy fail!’ or when I want to change the game mode, it says, ‘fail!’ I wasn’t aware of how will I able to use them because it may help a lot in my victory and I also want to explore on such features.

But still, this is a good game that will keep you playing for hours! The Classic Mode is a bit difficult but that’s when I was challenged to do better. So if I were you, I will  and see if I can help Joy get his candies back from those evil deeds of the spiders.

Take a sneak peek on Joy’s adventures below:

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