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Remove all the red objects and help Chuck the Bot find his way towards safety.

Way back in our toddler years, we can’t deny the fact that we are madly in love with playing and we just don’t get tired easily. Well, who wouldn’t get tired when you get to enjoy and play with your favorite toys, right? For boys, robots would be the most in demand toy that makes them feel strong and manly. They would even make them come to life by talking to them, making voices as if their robots are really talking or even put batteries for those instant sound effects. Oh, the perks of being an innocent kid whose main goal in life is to play and have fun.

Kidding aside, I’m pretty sure you miss that feeling! I bet we all have the same sentiments with GearSprout — the people behind a fun and unique robot application with a twist! I can feel that you are now excited to meet Chuck! Dig into more deets on my iOS app review after the cut.

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new robot in town named Chuck. However, this innocent robot is in dire need of your help. Unfortunately, he has been trapped in between puzzles of varying composition and it’s up to your creative juices on how you can save him! You need not to worry since you can use cars, pulleys, ropes, catapults, bouncy objects, and a lot more weapons in this awesome world of robot physics-based puzzle game. Are your tools ready to save the endangered Chuck the Bot? You better hold on tight to your weapons as you solve Chuck’s way to safety!

Developed by GearSprout, is an interactive iOS application which allows its users to guide Chuck towards his way to safety by removing all the red objects across the screen. After months of development of this game, the indie developers are so excited to release and introduce Chuck the Bot to the app market. Yet, before anything else, let’s get started with a short introduction about Chuck. I bet you are all excited to get to know this witty robot!

Meet Chuck

By tapping on the Play button on the Main Menu, a short introduction about Chuck will be shown on the screen. It’s a step by step process of getting to know Chuck the Bot. I find this a very engaging and interactive way of telling a story. With this brief story, you’ll understand the main reason about Chuck being trapped in a world of different composition. Read on the story below and be more eager in helping and saving Chuck towards safety!

Chuck gets Chucked!

The game play somewhat looks complicated at first yet when I played it, it’s just easy peasy!

You will be welcomed into a world full of papers, balloons and sticks which are transformed beautifully into a challenging world of Chuck. Your main goal is to get Chuck out of each world or level by thinking of the best strategy that you can think of. As you can see in this picture, what I did was to pop on the red rectangle so that the blue circle can swing back and forth until it can destroy the group of rectangular shaped objects and eventually tap on Chuck and release him freely with his balloon all the way up to freedom.

You can enjoy playing and solving these 15 puzzles for free when you download Chuck the Bot on the Apple App Store. What’s even greater is that you can even create your own design of level according to your preference. By tapping on the Create button on the Main Menu, you will now be taken to a blank screen with lots of icons on the left side and at the bottom of the screen. If you can’t figure out how to do it, a help button will show you the basic things when it comes to creating and designing your own level. With this, you can challenge other players if they can help Chuck escape your newly created world. Sounds fun, right?

To add to the excitement, you can even play online with your friends and new found friends.

However, you can only truly enjoy playing Chuck the Bot when you purchase the full game which is available from the in-app purchase menu. For only $0.99, you get to enjoy unlimited fun and more hours of addictive play: all 60 levels will be available, have an access to online levels, save and upload your custom made levels and unlock Chuck’s friends. To top it off, you also get to support the indie developers — GearSprout.

Will you save Chuck the Bot?

I must admit, this game is fun to play with. With its cute and attractive graphics plus cool sound effects, this game will definitely catch the attention of everyone and will keep them playing for hours! I also admire the feature that they gave a chance to the users to create their own level. With that, they gave the opportunity for the players to be and feel like they are app developers. Although developing an app means more than just designing a level, at least the users will somehow “feel” that certain moment. Agree?

You might want to take a peek into the world of Chuck the Bot by watching the video below:

You can continue on your excitement with this robot physics-based puzzle game when you .

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