Oflow: Your Ticket To Creativity

Inspiration and motivation should rise with us every morning as we get up and get ready for our usual tasks. However mundane our daily activities can get, our creativity should go on full-scale mode to take us out of the misery that is boredom. But, albeit unintentionally, there are those days when we can’t help but feel stuck. Fear not, Oflow will save the day!

If your old measures of self-encouragement are no longer effective and you are in dire need of an out-of-the-box type of action, then go ahead and read all about this app called Oflow which can serve your daily dose of creative rush.

For . ($0.99)

As the brainchild  of Tanner Christensen, Oflow is a creativity and productivity application designed to nudge the uninspired toward the bright light of artistry and imagination. With a hundred possible exercises to choose from, you can either pick randomly or choose whatever method floats your boat.

You can also save your favorite methods so you can easily go back to them when you find yourself jammed in a humdrum. With its very simple and clear user interface, those inspiration-seeking individuals will be getting their artistic jive in a jiffy.

Here are a few samples of the different advice the app can give you:

You can also jot down notes just by tapping on the middle icon on the bottom of the screen. Sure is handy especially if your idea bulb lit out of nowhere, filling you with tons of new notions.

For less than a dollar, this app is totally worth it. Although only available for users, its simplicity is appealing in that it won’t get you distracted out of the road to inspiration. And despite the fact that some of the advice it gives are not that easy to execute, I’m sure that you can find a method that is just your cup of tea.

No more dawdling away countless hours staring into space because Oflow is here to get your mind and creative juices on overdrive!

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Oflow: Your Ticket To Creativity
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