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Unleash your kid's creativity through Paint.It!

When you were a kid, I knew you love drawing stick figures– stick family with mom, dad, and two kids– and coloring it with the use of crayons, markers, colored pencils and the like. It’s a way you, as a kid, enjoy expressing yourself. I can attest to this since when I as a youngster, I was fond of coloring. I even joined a competition but unfortunately I didn’t win and that made me so blue.

But now, in this modern age, children don’t need to rely on holding a pencil, pen, marker, or any coloring materials. With just the use of an iPad, they can showcase their creativity through the app called .

How I wish this was invented long time ago, I may have won that coloring competition! Time machine, anyone? Oh, but I did win on some poster making contests.

Anyway, Join me as I explore this engrossing iOS app for kids after the break.

Developed by Paulo Freitas, is an app that lets your kids color the various 279 preprinted pictures on it with the use of realistic pencils, markers, crayons and brushes.


  • more than 250 draws to paint/color;
  • draw in a white paper;
  • clean, easy and beautiful design;
  • easy to use even for children;
  • realistic color pencils, highlight markers, wax crayons, dry markers and paint brushes;
  • multiple ways to export and share your draws (email,copy,save,print.facebook,twitter,weibo,open in);

What to Expect

Although most children just roughly scribble outside the lines of a picture, it’s still gratifying to see them exhibiting their creativity skills and running their imagination with this app. Kids are urged, or rather, engaged to color the outline images in the best way they can. Even though they always tend to color outside of the lines, sometimes seemingly impatiently and carelessly, this app can help them manage it through its built-in eraser.

This kid-friendly app actually offers various images where you can fill in with colors using its  pencils, highlight markers, wax crayons, dry markers and paint brushes. To use it, you select an image you want to fill in with colors then select the material you want to use in coloring– be it crayons, markers and among others. Just as easy as that.

If you want your kids to go beyond coloring, then you may teach them to put on something into it to make it more artsy, let’s say writing their name on it.     You may also teach them to put on different shades and tones of colors to the outlined images. The possibilities are certainly not only limited to what the app can provide.

Now, if you would want to share with your friends or other people, the masterpiece of your kids then you may do so. You can send it via social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and even e-mail.

What to Like

This app is not just entertaining for children for it can develop their various skills and even hone their potential. By coloring, they can learn “coordination”. Apparently,  it takes a lot of hand-eye coordination to color and ”stay in the line”, so with this app, it can be an activity where they can practice and exercise the said skill. Besides that, it can also help in their penmanship.

However, I think the greatest lesson they can get from such a simple activity of  coloring (in an app) is “focus”.  We know that children can be at times uncontrollable and with this app, it can be an effective tool to discipline them.

Anyway, harking back with the features of the app, I think they provided enough for children to enjoy. I mean, with its realistic coloring materials, kids can really be tempted to try it. I’m just not that impressed with the colors, well some if not all. I think it can be more appealing if they can provide more vibrant shades of colors. Not to mention, it’s only compatible for iPad, but nonetheless, it’s still a highly recommended app for kids to put forth their effort of self expression.


Regardless of whether it’s plain scribbling, or coloring the “best picture ever”, coloring can be a way to de-stress and express oneself. Let your kids explore colors and allow it to delight you, as you witness your children’s progress in making an art like no other with .

Download the app on the for $0.99.

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