Pangolin: The Ultimate Arcade Game for Your iPhone

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Create platforms for the bouncing pangolin in this addictive arcade game.

While pangolins are the little known anteaters found in Southeast Asia and Africa, these creatures are already endangered. Just like EnviroPop, Feedtank’s Pangolin increases awareness of the plight of these scaly anteaters while providing tons of fun to the mobile public.

With the app’s superb visual appeal and addictive game, Pangolin is one app you’ll keep and play forever on your iPhone (or iPod touch or iPad).

Applatter just can’t get enough of the graphics! The textured background and squiggly text have an oriental feel to it. The color palette is easy on the eyes, as well. This beautifully-made, physics-based arcade game lets you control the platforms, creating trampolines with your two fingers. The soothing soundtrack matches perfectly with the graphics, too.

The instruction says it all.

Unique Gameplay

In this game, gravity can be your friend or enemy.

In Pangolin, your task is to create trampolines to bounce a small, orange creature though a unique maze featuring curved slopes and deadly spiked obstacles that remind us of the shuriken (ninja throwing stars). This quick action arcade game can test both your reflexes and your brains as you try to create the best sized trampoline in the best angle as quickly as possible. If your pangolin hits a spiked obstacle, it will immediately die, and you will have to start all over again.

As the game progresses, opportunities for more coins and gems become more available. If you want to collect all the coins and gems in a level, just swipe your finger on the screen to restart the level.

Once the pangolin reaches the target, it spins around.. like a record.

Other Features

Pangolin comes equipped with a Settings feature to let you turn the music and extra sound on or off, or just reset the previous settings.

The app allows you to view score summary per world, as well.

Once done with a level, a screen will pop up showing a quick breakdown of your level score.

Wildlife Awareness

Get to know more information about pangolins with the Info screen. Kudos to Feedtank for helping spread awareness through their fun mobile app!

Varied, Engaging Worlds and Levels

The world that’s automatically available upon download is Education, but you can purchase the Exporation world to unlock 40 challenging levels. The two other levels, Distraction and Rebellion, will be available soon.

The Bottom Line

We highly recommend you try Pangolin! Easy to play and visually engaging, Pangolin is a mobile gaming masterpiece everyone should play.

. It’s free, and the expansion costs just a bit.

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Pangolin: The Ultimate Arcade Game for Your iPhone
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