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On March 1, 2013
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Pop Farm amps up the traditional match-three game with physics!

The company behind MapScratch and NoIMGdata offers one addictive app that raises the most-loved match-three game to the next level. Pop Farm is a match-three game that is a bit similar to EnviroPop, only better.

What makes Pop Farm very unique from all the match-three games in the market is that the addictive game offers various seasons, and each season puts a unique twist to the traditional match-three game.

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Main menu for Pop Farm Winter Season

Same Gameplay, but Different

Pop Farm is easy to play. Just like any match-three game, all you have to do is tap as many groups of the same animal as you can within two minutes. The more animals in the group, the higher you score. Before starting each level, you’ll be shown the number of points you need to reach before unlocking the next level. Unlock a few levels to unlock more animals.

Two seasons are available immediately upon download, and each season has a different obstacle that can make things a bit complicated. Personally I prefer the winter season of Pop Farm.

Here’s what makes Summer unique: If you tap a lone animal or an animal with only one same animal next to it, then you will lose 15 points. So you need to be sure that there are at least three of the same kind next to each other. Otherwise you will need to improve your score!

Tapping on clovers will increase your score.

With the Winter version, tapping an animal by mistake freezes that specific animal. You won’t be able to include them into a group that you can tap. You will need to tap on a heart to unfreeze the animal. What’s great about this heart feature is that you can unfreeze a lot of frozen animals at once by tapping just one heart. Tapping on a star that randomly comes into play gives you 300 more points.

The Bottom Line

PopFarm is a universal app that will work on any compatible iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with just a single purchase. It’s a free app that offers two slightly different gameplays. Though the app certainly needs to be updated (there will be a new season soon, and the score summary at the end of a winter level still shows a clover instead of a star), the current version of Pop Farm is fast and very enjoyable. Try it for yourself, and let DevStorm know how much you enjoy playing it!


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Pop Farm: Play with Cute Farm Animals
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