PreggoBooth: A Simple Pregnancy Simulation App for Everyone

If you’ve ever wondered what you would look like with a growing belly inside of you, then you should definitely give PreggoBooth a try! It doesn’t matter if you’re a single lady or a little boy–looking like you’re 6 months pregnant is absolutely possible with PreggoBooth.

Finally, girls don’t need boys to be preggers!

Fun? Check.

Unique? Check.

Free? Until February 1st this year!

Making Pregnancy Fun

Just like the other photo sharing apps out in the market, PreggoBooth is a fun app that lets you make a few changes to your pictures. But unlike the others, this quirky app from We Made It LLC lets you naturally look like you’re an expectant mother or a guy with an enormous, rotund belly.

Everything you really need to find out is a full body profile and of course, PreggoBooth. Then take a picture or choose a photo from your gallery and make a few adjustments to the three markers. You can drag the markers to the three areas you want to.. ahem.. gradually enlarge. Ideally, they should be the person’s behind, bust and belly, but hey, you can just use one marker if you want!

For best results, we recommend taking a photo with the app and making the subject stand in front of a plain background.

It’s Like Developing a Baby Inside Your Digital Body!

Once you’re satisfied with the placement and angle of the markers, just wait for a few seconds for the resulting photo. Then you’ll have the option to see yourself, your friend or anyone become 3, 6 and even 9 months pregnant! The original photos are automatically saved in the app, but you also get the option to save the results to your photo library.

A Shocking Way to Fool Friends and Family

April Fools’ may be months away from now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun today!

Go on, share your manipulated photo via email, FaceBook or Twitter.  Pull a prank on your Facebook friends or family members you haven’t even talked to in years. The pregnancy projections are realistic enough for people who haven’t heard of the app.

The Final Words 

You can never go wrong with an app that simultaneously helps pranksters and legitimately expectant couples. Surprisingly, PreggoBooth can satisfy the whims of a single, fun-loving guy and even a woman who wishes to bear a child. Whether it’s just a beer belly you’re after or bigger breasts, PreggoBooth can deliver. 



Get a chance to win a brand new iPhone 5! We Made It LLC is holding a contest for ALL PreggoBooth users, and the contest ends on February 8, 2013, at Midnight EST. Act fast and join today! Contest open internationally.


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PreggoBooth: A Simple Pregnancy Simulation App for Everyone
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