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On November 28, 2012
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Follow the plan and help the innocent man escape the prison.

Are you one of the few who loves to break the rules? They say, you won’t enjoy life if you always follow and obey the rules. Yes, it’s true. But then again, if you come to think of it, a big aspect of respect for the rule or to the person who implemented the rule, may it be your parents or a person with a high rank, was simply thrown away.

However, there are certain situations wherein there’s no other way but to get out and escape the problem as early as now. A whopping number of crimes have been all over the news nowadays and most of the suspects outsmart the police or worse, innocent people who seem to be misjudged are the ones who are suffering behind the bars.

Hence, let’s forget all the drama that we are all witnessing worldwide. Today, this app review will simply transform our melancholy into one thrilling strategical plan as we play .

Find out what this guy (in black and white stripes) is up to after the cut.

Jack says he is an innocent man. If he doesn’t do anything right now, he will rot in jail for the rest of his life. In two weeks, he will be moved to a high security prison. Of course, he doesn’t like that idea. So, he must act fast! Luckily, he thought of a plan already. Now, Jack’s future lies within your hands. Will you help him escape from the uncertainty of life? He laid out all his plans! Execute the plans carefully, unless you want him to stay inside?

is a free iOS application developed by Ginny Wang where users’ talent in strategic escape will be put to a test. In this game, you play as Jack, the protagonist. The main objective of this game is to perform all the things according to your plan which is shown before the game starts. You shall do it step by step before the time runs out. The trick is you should be aware that there are guards roaming around the jail every now and then. So you better be alert or you’ll get busted when he caught you doing your own escape thing. You wouldn’t like that, don’t you?


The game starts with the story of Jack. After which, the mechanics of the game will be shown: Press, Release and Follow the plan to bust out of this joint! There’s a tutorial on how to do it correctly. The plan consists of five steps: The Map, The Hammer, The Drill, Drilling and More Drilling.

There will be 14 days left to go when you start with the first step which is the map. The scenario takes place in your simple room with a bed and toilet bowl. You will see a clock, a meter and a calendar at the top of your screen. The task is to keep on pressing to fill up the meter and proceed to the next step of the plan.

There are tools such as hammer and drill which will let you find a way to escape the prison. Just be aware of the roaming guards which are actually on the look out for those prisoners who are trying to escape. At times, there will be a trick that a fellow prisoner is the one roaming around instead of the guard. Just release immediately when you see the shadow of the strict guard so that you won’t get busted.

Kirsten Loves

I certainly got hooked over this game yet I wasn’t able to succeed with my mission. Is that a sign that I am a good person and I’m not really talented with escaping? I kid! Hence, I admire the excellent HD graphics of the app. It has a bright and slick interface. Plus, the sound effects add up to the whole thrilling experience of the game. I love how the story is being realistic since there are a lot of cases, I think, which is similar to this – innocent people suffering behind the bars. The idea of the app is entertaining and addictive. You feel like you want to do it all over again so that you can help Jack experience freedom and justice as he escapes the jail, right? For free, you’ll get a whole new experience of a game which will definitely kill your boredom.

Kirsten Wants

I guess, the game needs a parents’ guidance especially if you will let your kids play this. They might have a different perception that escaping the jail is good. (Well, for adults, we know that this game is pure fun and entertainment only, right?) Hence, it may eventually look boring since you’re doing the same thing every step which is to accomplish your escape plans without the guard catching you.

Break it ’til you make it!

Are you up for the challenge of the greatest escape of your life? With a twist of fate, design that road map and drill your way to that serene and luscious freedom.

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