So Japan-nice!

The fall of Sakura blossoms in spring, the vibrant colours of the traditional kimono and the magnificent landscapes are just a few things only the country of Japan can offer. Throughout the years, Japan continues to be the most visited country in the world because of its scenic views and its incomparable culture.

All thanks to technological advancements and ingenious creations, the serenity and splendour of Japan can be enjoyed at the palm of your hand. An app created by Hybridworks, Inc. allows users to enjoy all four seasons of Japan complete with all the luxury Japanese inns can offer. Say it along with me, “Konichiwa, Yokoso Yoritsuki” (Hello, welcome to Yoritsuki).

Yoritsuki is an app available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that simply replicates seasonal views from hot-springs and inns in Japan. Created as an ambient app meant for pure entertainment, Yoritsuki offers impressive graphics and relaxing sounds. The displayed view would be based on the current date and time. So if you launch the app at around 9 in the evening in the mid-summer, expect to see a lush backdrop of blooming flowers, robust trees and an amazing back-lit pond.


Priced at $1.99, Yoritsuki doesn’t promise anything else but a Japanese atmosphere Japanese-lovers would want to have at hand. It does however offer a wide-view clock mode complete with the sounds of birds, crickets or moving water. The app’s visual appeal makes it easy on the eyes, and it’s definitely an app that promises all the picturesque scenes only found in Japanese inns.

All in all, it’s an app that delivers an awesome display of Japan sure to assault your sense of sight and sound. Customers continue to rave about the app and so should you.

Is that enough to convince you? Then, head  to download the app onto your iOS device. Cheers and as they say in Japan, “Tanoshinde ne!” (Enjoy!)

Devin Cross

Nurse by profession. Writer at heart. Food Lover. Closet Otaku.

So Japan-nice!
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