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Help Nico connect the stars to create a portal and continue his space adventure!

Let go of that pencil and paper because it’s time to play Space Holiday! An extremely addicting and challenging game by Powerful Robot with cuteness overload to boot. Move over “connect the dots”, because Nico the Astronaut will have you drawing glowing light in between stars instead!

Powerful Robot developed as an addition to the growing list of hard-to-let-go applications in the AppStore. With a rather simple gameplay, Space Holiday will definitely get you asking where the time has gone.

tweaked with the age-old game “connect the dots” we’ve all had to answer in our kindergarten up to the early stages of our elementary years. For my easily delighted mind way back then, it’s something I thoroughly enjoyed more than coloring friendly-looking pelicans.

And this time around, with a contemporary twist to line-drawing, connecting objects has turned into a time-consuming drug!

Space Holiday: The gameplay

There’s only one goal: to connect all the stars on your screen in order to create a portal for Nico

Venture out and about in outer space with our cutiepatootie astronaut named Nico and help him enjoy his out-of-this-world holiday by guiding him throughout his jump from one planet to the other. All you have to do is tap on your initial star and then connect it with the other stars you can see on your screen. To finalize the connection, tap on the first star again. The portal your star connection had created will open a new world for Nico and a new challenge for you, the player.

As all games go, the longer you play, the level of challenge will increase. The gameplay remains the same but those grumpy-looking asteroids are one heck of a hindrance to your connections. Do not include them in your constellations! Asteroids float into space so sure to wait for the right moment to tap on your stars.

Of course, you won’t be fighting without any armor on. As you progress, you’ll encounter stars which seems to have evolved. Their capacities are for your benefit, use them wisely. For example, the “plunger star” pulls the other stars closer so you can dodge the pesky asteroids. Others are the ninja stars, sleeping stars, and angel stars.

If you find yourself defeated with all the asteroid block, you can make use of the Space Ray wherein you can transform an asteroid to become a bright yellow twinkling little star. Again, make sure you’re using it wisely because the ray has its limits.

Astronomical Features

  • Four different chapters to go through with Captain Nico
  • Twenty star-crossed levels all in all.
  • Stars with different powers to destroy the hot-tempered asteroids.
  • Availability of up-to-date leaderboards to see the scores of other explorers.
  • Awesome hand-drawn illustrations and perfect blending of colors which matches the outer space theme of the application.
  • Available in 9 languages.
  • Can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Artsy-fartsy Design

The cartoon-type illustration of the app is perfect for its over-all theme. With its mundane gameplay, I can’t help but agree that as much as possible, the graphics should catch the attention of people in different age brackets. As for me who’s secretly intact with my childish self, I give Space Holiday two thumbs up with a load and proud “hooray!” for Captain Nico! With all the right colors, drawings, and even background music, this game might be more intoxicating than drug itself.

Harrie the Space Explorer!

Space Holiday is not your usual casual gaming app where all you do is collect coins and do some in-app purchases. Space Holiday can test your brain and patience–because the asteroids are such pain! This app may seem like child’s play but I’m telling you to have it a go and be glued to like I am.

is available in the AppStore for $0.99 as well as its . Download it now and make Nico your outer space travel buddy!

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