Spooktacular App # 2: Pumpkin Pal

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Jeff Mohl Design LLC
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On October 22, 2012
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Make a virtual carved pumpkin with Pumpkin Pal.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete not without the star of the season which is the oh-so-orange pumpkin! Carving pumpkins has been a tradition among us where we get our hands dirty as we create our own design or greeting to make those delicious pumpkins come to life. Hence, why not stay away from the messy and hassle process of carving pumpkins when you can do it virtually? Let this app review introduce a new orange-colored-friend called !

$0.99 for iPad

is an iPad application developed by Jeff Mohl Design LLC which makes pumpkin carving a lot easier and fun. Definitely, carving is not that easy, right? It takes a lot of effort and patience for you to achieve the perfect design that you’ve imagined. The basic idea of this app is to make pumpkin carving virtually easy, fun and cool! With just your iPad devices, you need not to get your hands dirty and spend hours in the kitchen just to get that perfectly carved pumpkin ready for the Halloween Party!

Pumpkin Features

√ Choose from four pumpkins with different shapes and sizes

√ Scale and rotate 18 pre-set shapes to create your own pumpkin easily

√ Draw freely with your finger to make your own design

√ Unlimited undo and reset button which allows you to take back the carves that you don’t like

√ Share your pumpkin creations with your friends and family through Email

√ Show off your creation in a full screen display and glow in the dark mode

Kirsten has a new Pal!

During Halloween, we’re not fond of carving a pumpkin just to add design and essence of the season. Since it’s really a hassle spending hours just to creatively carve that pumpkin in time for the Halloween party. Hence, I simply love the idea of the app which is to make pumpkin carving fun, easier and virtually cool!

What I love most about this app is that you can instantly amaze and fool your neighbors by putting your iPad on your window. Just adjust the lighting to make it a bit of glow in the dark mode and voila, you now have a carved pumpkin glow in a dark decoration! You can even change the shape and design of your pumpkin to make your decoration unique everyday. How cool is that huh?

Stay away from the messy part of carving out your own pumpkin as your Halloween decoration and . Besides, $0.99 is worthy of your clean hands.

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Spooktacular App # 2: Pumpkin Pal
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