Squish the Pesky Gummy Bears with Burrito Bison

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Fight the spiteful gummy bears and help Burrito Bison escape the colorful world of Candy Land.

I always refer to when I see a game/app that has something to do with sweets –chocolates, candies, cupcakes, jellybeans, etc. Have you seen (That is if you have restrained yourself from staring at Katy Perry) the two evil gummy bears who flicked the finger at Katy? I didn’t know that a sweet treat can be that evil. What surprised me is that I have found an app that has the same evil gummy bears in the scene. Oh yes, looks can really be deceiving. Fight the spiteful gummy bears in the newest app called Burrito Bison.

To be honest, the first time I read the title “Burrito Bison”, the first thing that ever popped in my head were Mexican dishes. Yes, there’s another image of deceit found in this game. Who can blame me; burrito is one of my favorite Mexican foods and maybe because I was just plain hungry during that time. When I opened the game, my anticipation was all about the adorable gummy bears doing fancy things in the game. I did a little research and I reckoned that they were created to be malevolent creatures in the life of Burrito Bison. My pulsating vision of prancing gummy bears were all gone in a snap.

How to squish those pesky little gummy bears and escape Candy Land:

The game is basically like the famous app, Angry Birds: letting Burrito Bison launch himself in a catapult in order to smash the gummy bears, acquire cash, and escape Candy Land. Burrito Bison may sound like a simple game, but once you get hold of the game you will feel the frustration filling the air. I have even turned snappy in a split second because I can’t let Burrito Bison spring farther and kept on crashing on the floor instead of the squiggly gummy bears—ouch!

Just like other games, Burrito Bison offers power-ups to help him get that impeccable bounce. But first, he needs to get cash from the gummy bears. The money will be acquired by bouncing on them— after every game, you can easily purchase the power-ups from the store. But of course you need to use them strategically.

The Power-Ups:

  • Elastic Cables- helps Burrito Bison start with a powerful launch.
  • Slippery Lotion- lose less speed when hitting the floor and bouncing off gummies.
  • Pickpocket- This power-up helps Burrito Bison get more cash from the gummies.
  • Bounciness- this enables Burrito Bison to bounce higher and lose less speed.
  • Rocket Slam- This is utilized to increase the amount of times Burrito Bison do the body slam.
  • Resistance- The secret to lose less speed when going through doors and landing on cops.
  • Bubble Gummies- Bubble gummies are helpful in keeping Burrito Bison in his bouncing state, and this is the power-up needed to increase the chances of encountering gummies hanging on to bubble gum.
  • Glider Gummies- This helps increase the chance of encountering handgliding gummies.
  • Rocket Gummies- This helps increase the chance of encountering gummies on rockets.
  • Pogo Stick- This helps increase the chance of encountering gummies on pogo stick.
  • Pepper Gummies- This helps increase the chance of encountering gummies carrying chili peppers.
  • General Goods- This helps increase the chance of encountering gummies carrying (helpful) items.


Let’s Start the Catapult Madness with Burrito Bison:

Playing a catapult game makes me think of Angry Birds and all its versions—from the Seasons, to Rio, to the latest Angry Bird: Star Wars edition. I thought to myself that it was just like those games. But, I was totally wrong, in fact I got addicted to Burrito Bison that I tend to play it once I get hold of my precious free time (sometimes, even if it’s not my free time). Yes, I play games more than you think; the enslaving power of technology, and the perks of being an app blogger.

Like what I have mentioned earlier, I was surprised seeing my gummy bears with evil eyes, crushed to death and robbed by Burrito Bison. I thought that Burrito was the evil one since he’s the one killing and robbing the colorful bears. It was the other way around; he’s the one trying to escape the Candy Land as he was kidnapped by the gummy bears. If I were in his place, I would love to stay there and devour the sweet treats (cue in: California Girls and enter Katy Perry).

The main purpose of the game is to escape, but unlike other games it’ll be one hell of a bumpy ride. Burrito will need to get rid of the gummy bears along the way. The power-ups will be your tool for your (literally speaking) sweet escape. Purchase each one of them strategically, assuring that you acquire the most important elements first. As for me, I refer to bounciness, elastic cables, and slippery lotion as the essential tools in enduring this challenge.

The game has three gates that needed to be unlocked in order to escape. Since you were just bouncing all the way to the end, it’ll be difficult to sustain the speed and resistance to escape. You will need to form a scheme to make sure that you make it all the way to the end. Personally, my farthest was in the middle of the first gate, and I’m frustrated that I can’t make it to the second gate no matter how hard I try conceptualizing a plan.

Burrito Bison was originally a simple online game that was turned into an iOS app. I’m not quite sure who came in first: Angry Birds or Burrito Bison. Whoever presented the catapult concept first doesn’t matter at all as both of them positively made an impression in the casual gaming community.


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