Tattooed on You: Ink by Ink

Tattoos have long been dubbed as taboo. Yet, this notion still has not hindered people from getting their bodies inked. A form of expression that is incomparable to doodles on drawing pads, tattoos become a physical part of the person signifying spiritual growth, an unavoidable change that had occurred or an unparalleled personality to which cliché clothing fail to express. In a sense, tattoos have not only become a means to freely express oneself but delve into an even deeper meaning to that person’s existence.  Like the famous Johnny Depp stated, “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”

While some people have their tattoos all planned out, some simply get inked out on a whim. I plan on getting myself inked by the time I turn 25 for reasons I do not wish to comment on further. However, for those who are planning to get tattooed but a bit curious as to how a tattoo would appear etched onto their skin, here is an app that is sure to answer all your “inkling” questions – Tattoo You.

About the App:

Tattoo You is a recreational photo editing tool which allows users to digitally super impose life-like tattoos onto any part of their photos. Simply choose a design from over 30 tattoos available and add it onto the body part of the individual’s photo.

Users may upload photos from the phone gallery or take a new photo with the app. Add tattoos, edit tattoos and erase parts which need to be hidden under hair or clothes. It’s that easy. This app makes it easier to judge if the tattoo suits you plus it’s a less painful method.

Share your tattooed creation to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or email and see how your friends and family might react.


Availability: Free for the iOS

Version: 2.1

Size: 33.8 MB

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


The app is definitely worth a try especially for those still sitting on a fence deciding to get inked or not. Annoying ads that pop up are forgivable enough. If ads irritate you then opt to purchase the Tattoo You In-App with over 500+ tattoo designs.

Getting inked shouldn’t be done when you’re drunk or depressed. Remember, it’s an art that stays on you forever unless you decide to get it removed like Johnny Depp. So before subjecting yourself to the red room of pain and the hypnotic sounds of mechanical buzzing needles, try checking out how the tattoo would work out for you using this app.

As for me, I’ve got my tattoo(s) all planned out. Here are a few of my “potential” tattoos that I might get done by my 25th.

Pretty aren’t they? I bet you’re probably wondering why it’s a caged bird. *tehee* You won’t squeeze anything out of me. Brush up on your knowledge regarding tattoo meanings and head here.

Are these still not enough to convince you to get a tat? Then download Tattoo You.

Devin Cross

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Tattooed on You: Ink by Ink
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2 comments on “Tattooed on You: Ink by Ink

  1. Great article! Been thinking of getting another tattoo for months now, (I have one already) and I can’t decide what design to get and where to put it. Hopefully this app can help me! Thanks for the info! xoxo

  2. I’m also planning to get a tattoo when I turn 25! I already have something in mind (a line from my favorite song), but this would help me visualize what I’d look like with it. Good app, will definitely download this

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