Trapped in Doors and Rooms

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On November 29, 2012
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Test your logic and find a way to escape in Doors and Rooms.

If you are trapped in a room, what are you going to do? I bet you’re thinking about the gory movie, Saw. No, my question doesn’t insinuate any scene of morbidity. Additionally, my question doesn’t mean that you were kidnapped by Jigsaw and was in dire need of cutting a body part to survive. Let’s say, you are alone in a room, what is the first thing that will ever pop in your head? Find a way to escape, right? But, in order to escape, you will need to look for clues and items strategically hidden in the same room to unlock the doors. Yes, that kind of complexity! I’m sure thrill-seekers will find pleasure if they were locked in the game called .


Doors and Rooms is not your typical kind of game. This game is tad darker and chilling because of the scenes presented in the game. Don’t worry, no ghosts or zombies will start grabbing you if you can’t find the keys. The setting was just unnerving; don’t fret as the game is just created to test your imagination and planning skills. Plus, the setting will eventually change as you move on to the next level. If you have watched movies like Saw and Panic Room, I know you can escape this trap in an instant.

- Various themed backgrounds
- Evolving difficulty levels
- Stage expansion through constant updates
- Superior graphic quality never before seen in the Escape genre
- Free Game Coins are given away at certain intervals
- Intuitive UI and inventory
- Absolutely free to play!

- Don’t miss even the slightest detail! Even a scrap of paper can be a hint.
- Obtained items can be examined, dismantled, and compounded for new hints.
- Think outside the box. Sometimes, it pays to follow your gut instinct.
- Use common sense.
- Stay alert and listen. Sometimes, sounds can help you successfully escape.


First, you don’t know how you got inside a never ending maze of doors and rooms. Next, your only concern is to get out of there—no questions asked. Though there were no introductions presented in this game, you will be enthralled in this tricky game finding a way to escape the never-ending challenge of Doors and Rooms.

Are you willing to get trapped inside the Doors and Rooms?

Literally speaking, of course I will say no. Who would want to be trapped inside ala Panic Room/ Saw movie? But for this game, I will say yes—a big yes! This game is tricky yet will test your planning skills to a certain degree. The game consists of simple stages that will only require you to use only your common sense, up to the level that will test your logic and observation on different things that you have inside the room. They have different functions, trust me.

I like that its make a bit creepy with its dark setting; making the players have a sense of panic while playing the game. At first, I thought that something creepy will appear once you get hold of the wrong item. I was wrong. This is just a simple game that will raise your logical skills without trying.

Final Say: It is a must try app. I know it’s fairly simple but once you get hooked, you’ll end up spending hours trying to figure out how to escape. If you lack patience like me, you’ll still enjoy it. But I think you will utilize all your money for hints or just handover your device to your friend and watch him finish the game– smart move!

Doors and Rooms by Gameday Inc. is available in the for free.

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Trapped in Doors and Rooms
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